Sculpture Workshop in CHSV

December 5th, 2014 

A sculpture workshop and demonstration, by a professional sculptor, was organized for the students of Grade IX and XI, who have chosen Art as their elective, to support their learning and understanding on the subject. The workshop was conducted by Mr. Arun, who works at the Sculpture Department in Kalakshetra. In the course of the workshop, students learnt

  • Preparing Clay
  • Coil Method
  • Relief Method
  • Armature Sculpture

Mr.Arun also screened pictures of sculpture works done by his students in Kalakshetra College. He was very happy at CHSV’s initiative in organizing this workshop and appreciated the lively and enthusiastic participation of our students.

Nivedya, our Grade XI student had this to say about the workshop – “The sculpture workshop was really interesting and helpful as it gave us the opportunity to learn basic techniques used in sculpture and will help us make Relief and Armature models for future projects. We had a fun learning experience from this workshop. We need more workshops like this as it is very helpful for us as students to improve in the field of art.”

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