School Elections

Progressive leaders pave a progressive path. An election is held to bring a difference. What if the election itself were different?

The process to elect the student council in CHSV this year was very distinct. We adopted the process that the Indian election commission follows. A federal structure was Simplemented to have an equal representation from every grade level. The agenda was to establish a democratic parliamentary set up consisting of a lower house and upper house. Direct elections were held to select the representatives from grade VI to XII. All the elected candidates underwent a rigorous training in a residential leadership camp held in Chettinad – Sarvalokaa International School.

The 3 day camp taught us the value of team work and a very important life lesson that unless we work hard, things will not come our way. We learnt to appreciate the fact that there is a very thin line between being assertive and being arrogant and for being a good leader one needs to be assertive. By the end of the camp, each member had become close to the other, building a sense of camaraderie and collaboration.

This marked a good beginning for the student council and we look forward to a fruitful year.

- Gayathri, grade XII and S.Shrimathura, grade IX

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