Project Based Learning

History Project

The topic for the history project for grade 7 was architecture of the Delhi Sultanate. It was nothing less than time travel as we were able to re-create miniature versions of the monuments that were built during the Delhi Sultanate period. A few of the monuments included the Firoz Shah Kotla, Alai Minar, Alai Darwaza and Balaban’s Tomb.

Simple to Complex

Our 5th graders demonstrated simple machines and explained them in a creative way. There were models of a park with swings and slides, a huge ferris wheel, bow and arrow, spinning tops, swords, skateboard ramps, rock climbers, wedges and wells.

- Aarna Vinod Ramchandani, grade V

Learning through Lemonade – Ratios and Proportions  

Students of Class VII prepared lemonade as part of learning ratio and proportion. The objective of this exercise was to get an insight into the concept and appreciate its importance in daily life. The lemonade prepared was served to the students of classes VI and VIII.

Exploring the Indian Postal Service

As part of the lesson “Community Life” the children of grade VI were asked to do a letter writing activity where they were exposed to the concept of Postal services.  During the class discussion, the Acharyas realized that the children had very little awareness of traditional postal services and how the Postal Department functioned. They were only familiar with modern technologies like emails, couriers etc.

An elaborate discussion on sending letters by post was discussed in the class. The children were asked to write a letter to their peers on their experiences during their ‘Visit to Mesopotamia’, a class History lesson, and post it to the school address. The children were excited when they received a letter in their name from their class mate!  It turned out to be a memorable experience which also included knowledge on their History lesson and aspects of community life.

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