Pongal O Pongal!

January 23, 2019 

This harvest season, our school’s Pongal celebrations were as grand as can be. The school was a sea of colours as the students flocked in wearing traditional clothes. The day began with an session with Swami Vasudev acharya from Australia. To hold true the tradition, a cow and calf were brought to our school and a puja was performed while we waited for the Pongal pot to overflow.  The school corridors rang with cries of ‘Pongal O Pongal’. There were a variety of events ranging from dance to yoga. Everyone present offered prayers to the Sun god, after which a few students performed the Suryanamaskaram. This was followed by a Villu Paatu, an age-old Tamil tradition and an electrifying Tamil folk genre which captured the attention of all the audience and heightened the mood greatly. Finally, a dance which include many of the Tamil folk dance styles like, Thappatam, Oyilattam, Poikaal Kudhirai etc, was performed by the 11th graders. It was a day filled with excitement, and probably one of the best Pongal celebrations.


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