Physical Education

The purpose of physical education is to physically educate, by combining cognitive thinking skills and physical movement. We use sporting activities as a vehicle to do this. Physical literacy is only one component of physical education, many other facets of the subject should be common place within schools, such as, knowledge and understanding of anatomical and physiological structure and function; the ability to develop skills; make and apply decisions; develop physical and mental capacity to succeed; evaluate and improve performance; and most importantly promote and understand the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle. The contexts in which these are taught can range from traditional sports to exercise programs and classroom learning.

We understand that physical education,

  • Promotes learning of new skills (not just physical skills) associated with the ‘in’, ‘through’ and ‘about’ physical activity;
  • Enhances, extends, informs and critiques the deliberate use of play, exercise, sport and other forms of physical activity within an individual and societal context;
  • Emphasizes the inter-relatedness of the physical, social, mental and emotional, and spiritual nature of well-being.

Hence we emphasize on physical education so that the kids will be healthy, flexible and strong.

At Hari Shree, our physical education programs are designed to offer the following benefits to our students:

  • It is a link to good health.
  • Enhances movement skills for physical competence, enjoyment, self worth and active lifestyle.
  • Improves personal and inter-personal skill development.
  • Increases muscle strength and fitness.
  • Helps build and maintain healthy bones and muscles and reduce fat.
  • Refines personal values, attitudes, behaviors and actions in physical activity settings.
  • Promotes cognitive functions and improves academic performance.
  • Builds self esteem.
  • Promotes a physically active lifestyle.
  • Acts as a preventive measure against diseases.

Educational programs in our schools provide all children the opportunity to exercise at a level that is conducive in establishing a life-long healthy lifestyle. Our school physical teachers come up with innovative and creative games to keep it interesting for the children.

Our Houses — Agni, Akash, Prithvi and Vayu

Children in each class are assigned to one of the 4 houses, namely, Agni, Akash, Prithvi and Vayu. The Sports Day and the sports events are conducted for the Junior and Senior schools separately. Class-wise as well as house-wise athletic events are held. Every child is given opportunities to participate in all the class-wise events, providing them an avenue to experience the joy of simply participating without worrying about winning or losing. Intra-house and inter-house team games are also conducted each year.

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