Participation in Inter School Events

At Hari Shree, we do not encourage children from classes 2-4 to participate in competitions outside school. Children from classes 5-7 may be sent for competitions with a social or self awareness theme or events in line with Hari Shree’s vision. As far as interschool events are concerned, the focus therefore, is primarily on students of Classes 8-12

The process followed in selecting students for participating in these competitions is as follows:

  1. The Acharya-in-charge announces upcoming events during morning assembly.
  2. Students can give their names to the cultural representatives in their class.
  3. The exam dates are also taken into consideration before deciding which standard students are to be sent for participation. The class/classes which do not have any tests/exams are given first preference.
  4. If we have more than two or three children from the same grade wishing to participate in the same event, then opportunity is given on rotational basis.

If you have any questions about student’s participation in competitions outside Hari Shree, please send a mail to

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