Parents-Teachers Meeting

Our teachers are always happy to share with you, your child’s progress in studies or any aspect of your child’s overall development. But, their daily schedule does not permit them to spend unscheduled or ad hoc meetings with you. Especially, the teachers of lower classes have to be always on their toes and cannot afford to leave their class unattended while talking to you. Hence, we kindly request you to render your cooperation by following the schedule given below for meeting the teachers. If you wish to meet the teachers at any other time, please make an appointment and wait in the lobby for the concerned teacher to approach you. If you simply need to pass on any information to the teacher, you may send an email to with appropriate title in the Subject: line.

Bimonthly Meetings

Parents have the opportunity to interact with teachers on a regular basis twice a month as per the following schedule.

8.45 am to 9.30 am on 1st Saturdays of every month.
2.30 pm to 3.30 pm on 3rd Mondays of every month.

Classes II to V: Dining Hall
Classes VI to X: I Floor Staff Room

Parents are encouraged to avail this opportunity to get an insight into the child’s ongoing progress in school.

End of Term Meetings

A parent–teacher meeting takes place at the end of every term. This termly meeting will give parents a comprehensive feedback on the child’s performance. This meeting is usually held in the respective class rooms. The day and time of the meeting will be informed through emails.

Parents are requested not to exceed a 10-minute time slot allocated for each session so as not to keep other parents waiting. Parents are encouraged to make use of the bimonthly meetings for detailed discussions.

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