Note for Parents

We request you to read the school dairy or the contents of this web site completely and familiarize yourself with the functioning of the school. Kindly follow the guidelines given below:

  • Meeting with the Principal is only through appointment.
  • Meeting teachers during school working hours is not permitted unless permission has been sought.
  • Meeting children during school working hours without prior permission is not allowed.
  • Parents who wish to provide feedback are requested to do so by writing to the Principal.
  • Advise children against carrying electronic gadgets like cell phones, ipods, transistors, tape recorders, etc. If detected, will amount to confiscation and disciplinary action.
  • Any communication made by the parents should be addressed to the Principal on a white A4 sheet or by email to

Both academic and non-academic issues are managed collaboratively with the counselor, special educator, teachers, parents and children working together as a team. Parents have the opportunity to interact with teachers on a regular basis as per the guidelines suggested in Parent-Teacher Meeting section.

Safety Rules

Our children’s safety is utmost priority to us. We have to enforce certain rules to ensure their safety while they enter and leave the school. We understand that this may cause inconvenience to you. But, in the best interest of our children’s safety, we request you to work along with us and follow the rules given below.

  • No vehicles will be permitted into the campus other than those belonging to the staff.
  • The North Gate (facing Krishanamachari Yoga Manthiram) will remain closed at all times due to ongoing construction work. Access to the school campus will be only through the South Gate.
  • Entry for parents and visitor into the campus is allowed only after 8.40 am.
  • Visitor’s Slip: It is mandatory that all parents and visitors fill in the Visitor’s Slip at the security booth before entering the school. Before leaving the school, the Visitor’s Slip needs to be returned to the security with the signature of the staff/faculty whom you met in school.
  • To ensure a smooth flow of traffic along Srinivasa Avenue Road you are requested to drive in via the School View Road entrance and exit via 4th Cross, R.K. Nagar Road.
  • Kindly avoid reversing or taking a U-turn in front of the school gate. Please make sure you instruct your driver also to strictly avoid reversing or taking a U-turn in front of the school gate.
  • Encourage children to bring books, lunch and other essentials along with them in the morning while coming to school. Please refrain from bringing lunch to school or sending it through a bearer. If lunch has to be sent at a later time, ensure that it comes in by 11.00 am. It will be checked and collected at the security booth and you will not be allowed to enter the campus for this reason. Each bag has to carry the name, class and division of the child.
  • Ensure that children do not stay in the campus beyond school hours unless it is an authorized stay for after school programs.
  • Jewelry in all forms is discouraged in the campus.
  • Advise children not to meddle with parcels or baggage left unattended both inside and outside the campus and not to accept any articles from strangers.
  • Kindly adhere to instructions from staff and security personnel and avoid any altercation.

School Dispersal Procedure

  • School/Private Van: Children of Class II to X, using the school/private van service will be dismissed first at 2.25 pm. All other children will wait in their respective classrooms at this time. Children of Classes II to X, not using the van service will be dismissed at 2:30 pm.
  • Parents/Guardians: Children being picked up by parents/guardians will exit the school building through the auditorium on the north side. They will use the auditorium (East) door nearer to the school gate. Parents/guardians can walk all the way till this door to pick up their ward.
  • Car/Auto Drivers: Children being picked up by car/auto drivers will wait in demarcated areas near the North and South gates. When they spot the drivers at the gate, they will walk till the gate. The security personnel will not let the children leave the gate by themselves; the child needs to show his/her escort to the security personnel before being let out. In case of rain, children will wait inside the building and the drivers can walk in to get the kids.

We kindly request you to cooperate with us in following these safety protocols.

Personal Details

Personal details of every child is collected in the beginning of the year and the record of the same is maintained at the school office. However, if there is a change in any of the personal details, for example, the address, mobile number, email id, child’s allergy/health problems, etc., during the course of the year, it is entirely your responsibility to notify the school in writing for updating the school records.

Unscheduled Holidays

Any unscheduled holidays will be intimated through SMS, email or both. However, in the event that the government should declare a school holiday due to rain, bandh, etc., during non-working-hours of the school, please contact your Class Parent for updates.

Northeast Monsoon: Chennai receives its maximum rainfall during northeast monsoons (mid-October to December). The characteristic feature of NE monsoon is that, the heaviest rainfall occurs between midnight till about 9.00 am in Chennai (rather the Coromandal coast). We understand your concern about your child going to school when it is pouring outside; we also understand the characteristics of NE monsoon! By the time we are into the second hour of the day, invariably we have nothing more than a drizzle! Hence, unless the government declares a mandatory school closure, it is unlikely that we give a day off due to heavy rain. Fortunately, our school is not situated in a low lying area and our buildings are robust. We understand that on such rainy mornings it is difficult to be punctual to school due to bad roads and traffic.

Attendance & Punctuality

Entry into school after the morning prayer is over will be considered late. Children are discouraged from taking leave unless there is a valid reason. Prior permission has to be obtained from the school for taking leave. Under absence due to unforeseen circumstances, the child is expected to submit a letter upon return. The letter should be addressed to the Principal and submitted to the class teacher.

Alternatively, parents may also send an e-mail to the respective class email ids listed below:

Class & Section E-mail Address
II Ashoka
II Tulsi
II Chandanam
II Vilvam
III Sarang
III Veena
III Yazh
IV Anandabhairavi
IV Shankarabharanam
IV Sindhubhairavi
V Malligai
V Mullai
V Thamarai
VI Roja
VI Samandhi
VI Suryagandhi
VII Vairam
VII Vaiduryam
VII Maragatham
VIII Pavazham
VIII Muthu
IX Manikam
IX Thangam
X Madhuvanti

Attendance is compulsory on the first and last working day of every term and for all school functions. Under unavoidable circumstances prior permission must be sought.

Snacks and Lunch

Parents are requested to pack healthy snacks and lunch. Please refrain from sending non-vegetarian food to school.

In support of the initiative taken by HSV parents to avoid junk food altogether inside Hari Shree, we urge you not to send junk food with your children to school.

Junk food is, anything with high fat, high sugar, high salt or processed flour (Maida). Avoid deep fried items with flavor enhancers absolutely. Avoid anything with high sugar or rich in cream, such as, creamy cookies, creamy cakes, chocolates, candies, aerated drinks, mysore pak, etc. Avoid processed flour like Maida, which would include most of the bakery items, instant noodles, naan, rumali roti, some kinds of parathas, etc. Choose food made with whole grains instead.

Children from Class II and above may opt for the morning snacks and lunch provided in the school. The meal plan can be availed for the entire term only. In the event that a child not enrolled for the term meal plan needs to avail the facility just for a day, the payment must be made in the office at least one day in advance.

Note: We understand that there may arise situations when due to unforeseen reasons you are not able to send snack/lunch with your child. But, please do understand that we will not entertain same day request for snacks/meals, since we plan and cook for the exact number of children who have already paid. Please send a sandwich or buy food from outside and send with your child. We need atleast one day’s prior payment/confirmation to accommodate your request.

Birthday Celebration

We encourage children to celebrate their birthday in a simple way. Children may distribute healthy and preferably homemade individually wrapped sweets to their class teacher and classmates. Children are to refrain from distributing expensive chocolates and gifts to their peers.

Bus Facility

School transport facility is available on certain routes. The vans will ply twice in the morning and twice in the afternoon to cater to the junior classes as well as the middle and senior classes. Priority is given to children who are already availing this service. Children will be picked up and dropped off at designated points only. Private van facility is also available. Interested parents are to contact the office for further details.

Withdrawal/Transfer Certificate

Parents wishing to withdraw their children at the end of the academic year must inform the school in writing on or before 15th March. A written requisition for Transfer Certificate from the parent or guardian of the student should be submitted to the office. The Transfer Certificate will be issued after the last working day. Parents applying for the Transfer Certificate after the 15th of March will have to pay the first term fees for the next academic year. Kindly note that parents who withdraw their children in midst of an academic session are obliged to pay the fee for all the three terms.

Note: It will take a minimum of 2 weeks to issue the Transfer Certificate from the day of submission of the requisition letter, since the certificate has to be sent to the Board at New Delhi for attestation.

Bonafide Certificate

It can be obtained 2 days after the submission of written requisition from the parent to the office.

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