Papyrus Club

Teacher Facilitators: Ms. Bharathi Parameshwaran & Ms.Sahana

The flagship activity of the Papyrus Club will revolve around Kamalam, the school’s on-line newsletter. Kamalam, which is part of the Papyrus Clubs programme is an on-line initiative of the Deccan Chronicle, which enables schools to create and publish their on-line newsletters. The children will be involved in bringing out their own newspaper on a periodic basis and the experience will be both enriching and creatively rewarding. The team will be provided with a hands-on experience of covering events in school; it also will open up avenues for them to showcase their literary talents and will engage them in team-work. This exposure will nurture not only their linguistic abilities but also train them to be effective communicators and imbibe in them the principles of group dynamics .New vistas of honing their journalistic talents will open up for them when they learn to report ,edit, design, publish and maintain the publication.

Follow the link to savor our Kamalam!

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