Overall Champion at Science Congress

CHSV clinches the OVERALL CHAMPIONSHIP trophy at the Youth Science Congress organised by St.John’s Public School on 31st Jan & 1st Feb. The objective was to create a Scientific temper in middle school children and an Awareness on how Science has changed with changing Society. The delegates engaged in various challenges and competitions. Over 49 schools participated in the talent test, best out of waste challenge, quiz, poster making competition and a round table conference for teachers. CHSV delegates were

Written Talent test – Siddharth Sridhar and Pranav .V

Quiz – Harsh Yadav and Gokul Venkatesh

Poster making – Rishab Mohan Chatterjee and Nikhil Ramesh

Best out of waste – Krithyaa

Paper presentation – Teacher – Veena Bharath

Round Table Conference – Ms. Shashikala  Varadarajan

Children who participated in the competition were briefed and well prepared with the criteria and themes. Each delegate had to present papers on any 2 topics from the suggested 20 topics.

It was a proud moment when CHSV won the 1st place and clinched the Overall Championship trophy.

The Winners:

Written Talent test:  Siddharth Sridhar won the 1st place.

Quiz:   Harsh Yadav and Gokul   Venkatesh won the 1st place

Paper presentation:  Mrs. Veena Bharath acharya won the 1st place.

There were a number of lectures conducted by prominent professors from various fields and during one of these sessions  Harsh Yadav was considered as one of the most inspiring Science student and was awarded a cash prize of Rs.500/-

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