Music – II to V

Keeping in mind the impact of music on imaginative young minds, music as a co-curricular activity is conducted once a week.  All students from grades II to V are taught Indian music; they are trained to align to a given ‘sruthi’. They are also taught the concept of ‘thalam’ and basic ‘thala’ structures.  Students are given opportunities for several group recitals and performances during the course of the academic year.

The different styles of Indian music introduced include:

  • Carnatic Music (Basics)
  • Folk Music
  • Bhajans
  • Festival songs

The learning of music is facilitated through the following three methods:

  • Learning by observation
  • Learning by practice
  • Learning by theory

Depending on the grade level, elements from all three methods of learning are employed with varying levels of depth and detail. This structure ensures that by 10 years of age, children know the basics of Indian classical music and they are also able to develop an appreciation for sound and music around them. The exposure gained during these initial years will stand them in good stead to learn any genre of music in the future.

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