Lunch Room and Kitchen

Dining Hall

The dining hall has a seating capacity of approximately 180 to 200 students. Lined with huge windows, the dining hall has an opulence of natural sun light and fresh air. The school offers breakfast and lunch for children from Class II and above on an optional basis. Food is served in buffet style with food counters set up at different corners of the lunch room. Children of Class II & III, Class IV & V, and Class VI to X use different food counters, get their food, choose a place to sit and eat.

The menu is planned for a term and the welfare committee periodically reviews the menu and makes changes to keep it healthy and interesting for the children. Check out our menu at What’s Cooking This Month?


The kitchen is well equipped, in man power, appliances and facilities. Cleanliness and quality is utmost priority for us. We have put a person in-charge of the kitchen, whose only job all day long is to ensure quality and cleanliness at every point starting from purchasing the supplies to washing the plates, wiping it with clean cloth and stocking away. The work force is divided into small groups and each group is assigned specific tasks like cleaning the vegetables/grains, cutting, cooking, serving and cleaning the plates/dishes. The head cook has 20+ years of experience in authentic chettinad cuisine.

Note: The meal plan can be availed for the entire term only. In the event that a child not enrolled for the term meal plan, needs to avail the facility just for a day, the payment must be made in the office at least one day in advance. Same day payment will strictly not be entertained.

House Keeping

The school has dedicated house keeping and support staff for keeping every inch of our premises clean. Every floor has dedicated Ayyammas assigned and anywhere within the school, an Ayyamma is always at hand for  any incidental clean up.

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