Leadership Team

Ms. B R Sasikala
ISC Coordinator







A masters in Commerce, M.Phil. and B.Ed., has over 26 years of teaching experience in schools and colleges in India and abroad. Affable and approachable, she has made a mark for herself among her students.


Ms. Padmaja
ICSE Coordinator







A masters with B.Ed., she has been with Hari Shree for 15 years. She believes in linking subjects to real life so that learning becomes more meaningful. She is a passionate teacher of Geography too.


Mrs. Seethalakshmi Ramesh
Middle School Coordinator







Masters in Economics and a Bachelors in education, CIDTT and Honours in Systems Management, she has over 23 years of experience in CBSE, ICSE & CIE schools in India and Middle East. She believes in nurturing excellence through a holistic approach to teaching- learning.


Ms. Abirami
Pre-Primary Coordinator







Abirami has done her Bachelor’s in Psychology and masters in Industrial Relations. She has done her Diploma in Montessori Training from IMTC, Chennai. A passionate educator and a staunch believer of Montessori approach to learning, she loves creating new learning materials to make learning a truly sensorial experience for children.


Ms. Janani Iyer
Primary Coordinator & HOD – History Department 







A masters with B. Ed, Ms. Janani Iyer is a passionate teacher of History and aspires to instill a love for the subject in her students. A CIDTL trained teaching practitioner, she constantly seeks to create inquiry-based learning processes for children. An avid reader and motivator, she creates the interest in teachers to create authentic learning experiences for children.


Ms. Jayashree Arun
HoD English 







Jayashree Arun is a M.A. B.Ed in English and a triple major in B.A with English literature, Geography and Sociology as majors. She loves kindling interest and integrating subjects through story telling method. She has about 25 years of experience working in colleges and schools in the CBSE curriculum both in Chennai and in the Middle East. She mentored the Tamil Nadu State government teachers to revamp their curriculum and bring out a new text book under the new syllabus in 2017. She volunteers for training teachers for the NGO- Asha.



Ms. Gowri Sankari P
HoD Science







Ms. Gowri is a professional leader and teacher educator who knows how to support her fellow teachers She is very communicative and shows as a teacher great interest in her students as learners and young human beings. She has 27 years of experience in teaching CBSE and Cambridge curriculum.


Mr. Dhiyaneshwaran R
HoD Art







Painter, Illustrator, Concept Artist and Teacher, A masters in Fine Arts with Six years of teaching experience and ten years of field experience with two State Awards. This is his second year in Hari Shree. He enjoys creating art work along with his students and takes pleasure in sharing his knowledge about Art History with young people, he wants his students to experience art and understand how it leaves an impact on their lives. He simply believes “Art makes life beautiful” and is glad to be a part of the Hari Shree family.


Mr. Dharani
HoD Tamil







A post-graduation in tamil literature, he has 16 years of rich experience heading Tamil department in various schools. He believes in setting a goal and working towards achieving the same.


Ms. Seema Singh
HoD Hindi







A masters in Hindi with M.Ed. and has teaching experience of over 16 years in CBSE and ICSE. She believes in a student centric approach and infuses passion and creativity into her classes to make Hindi interesting to students.

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