Language Policy

  • At the Montessori level the school offers both Tamil and Hindi.
  • Both the languages are taught on par with each other.
  • From grade 2 students can either choose Hindi or Tamil as their main language. If the child chooses Tamil as the main language, Hindi becomes the support language and vice versa.
  • The focus area for support language at the initial years is Listening and Speaking and the child will progress to reading and writing in a phased manner. Lots of activities will be a part of the classroom transaction for both main and support language.
  • Once the child chooses either Hindi or Tamil as the main language in Grade 2, the school does not encourage a change of option.
  • If Tamil is the main language, in Grade 5 the student can choose Hindi / Sanskrit / French as the Third language.
  • The Government policy, as on date, expects all children appearing for boards from 2024 to write Tamil as a paper. Therefore, if the child chooses Hindi as the main language, in Grade 5 the child can only choose Tamil as the third language. The school will provide all necessary support, within its capacity, to ensure that students with third language Tamil are prepared.


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