Language Policy

Second Language Guidelines

  • The second language is introduced at the beginning of Grade I and pursued till Grade X.
  • The second language options available at Grade I are only Hindi & Tamil. The children who graduate from Chettinad Hari Shree Vidyalayam’s Junior Campus will automatically pursue the same second language in Grade II.
  • In Grade II&III, the second language options are Hindi & Tamil for new admissions and NRIs also.
  • French and Sanskrit at present are being offered to students as a second language option in Grade IV.
  • Parents of Grade III who wish to move their children to French or Sanskrit in Grade IV are requested to send in their requests to the school email id when the school sends the notification to parents.
  • In the case of French, preference will be given to children who are of foreign origin & NRIs. Children who have prior exposure in the language will be given priority in the selection process.
  • The final decision of permitting a transfer is at the discretion of the Principal.
  • No further changes in second language will be permitted.

Third Language Guidelines

  • The third language is introduced at the beginning of Grade V and pursued till Grade VIII.
  • The third language options that are available at present are Tamil / Sanskrit / Hindi / French.
  • The children need to opt for a language other than the chosen second language.
  • No change in the third language will be permitted in the course of these 4 years.

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