Junior Campus

The Junior Campus follows the Montessori Education and focuses on the WHOLE CHILD APPROACH. The Montessori principles address the physical, social, emotional, cognitive and spiritual nature of the child. The Montessori classrooms are referred to as PREPARED ENVIRONEMNT and the work is child directed. We have ten environments with a student: Acharya ratio of 2: 30 and the environments include mixed age groups and mixed skill levels from 3.5-6.5 years old. The Acharyas are all Montessori trained and well-equipped facilitators. Each environment has an Akka to help the children and floor Akkas to guide the youngsters through the campus.

Montessori learning has four areas of learning: Exercise of Practical Life, Sensorial, Language and Arithmetic. Art & Craft, Music, Yoga, Bhagavat Gita Chanting, library hour, being a part of the learning, gives the children equal opportunities for creative and joyful expressions and experiences. The Montessori materials provide a bridge from concrete, experience-based learning toward abstract thought. The three-year work cycle coupled with house visits, celebrations, field trips, are all an integral part of the learning.

Bhagavad Gita

The Pre-Primary children excelled in chanting the Bhagavad Gita and were happy to receive the certificates for their fabulous effort!

Exploring the Marine World

A variety of fish, sharks, sting rays and an exciting feeding session marked a memorable and enjoyable field trip to the Aquarium for the Grade I children.

Young Minds at Work

Nothing can deter the focus and attention when we are at work!

Chuk Chuk Chuk!

A train ride through beautiful gardens, wonderful and carefully preserved exhibits of engines, coaches and wagons! Needless to say the children were delighted with their trip to the impressive Chennai Railway Museum.

Just Another Day!

Our environments are always buzzing with new ideas and creativity.

Pots and Dots

Pongalo pongal! Getting ready to celebrate pongal with custom made pots done by little hands with a lot of thought and creativity.

Saying Hello to our Neighbourhood Friend

The students of PP2 went on a friendly neighbourhood house visit and had a lovely time together.

Exploring through Activities

Every moment is a eureka moment for them when they explore and find things out all by themselves.


The students at the junior campus painted the town red during the Christmas celebrations. They decorated the Christmas tree and sang carols with full enthusiasm.

Class activities

Be it artwork, being creative with the materials or exploring with words, the children at the junior campus are at their innovative best!

Role play and creativity

We can act, we can talk and we can draw just anywhere! The children were confident in exhibiting their skills and enjoyed doing so!

Children’s Day

Colourful crowns and yummy cakes marked the celebration of children’s day at the Junior campus! The little ones proudly wore their crowns and were the prince and princess. It was a joyous occasion to remember for all!


Navaratri sets the mood for the festive season with the clap of dandiya sticks and golu padis. The little ones jumped right into the festivities as they set up the golu bommais, invited guests and sang beautifully.

Field trips and class activities

Learning to be independent with hands-on experiences, not just for education but preparing for life. 


Decorating diyas and lighting them, children see a reflection of their own experiences and also provide a window for new ones. 

Medical camp

We are all fit and fine says the doc! Medical camp at the Junior campus.


Onam was celebrated with much joy and fervour as the little ones came charmingly dressed up in traditional attire and helped their Acharyas sort the flowers, peel them and arrange them beautifully to make exquisite ‘Poo Kolams’ across all the environments!

Ganesh Chathurthi

Modhakam, sundal, sweets and muruku was the order of the day as the children brought prasadams to be offered to their favourite ‘Elephant God’.

Krishna Jayanthi

Dressed up as Krishna and Radha the campus was buzzing with kolattams and flutes. They got an experience of ‘Uri adi’ too!

Toddlers having fun during their house visit time

Visitors to our School, The Cockatoo and the Gold Fish

Learning the Role Play Way

An interactive session on teaching Tamil in an interesting way




The After School at the Junior Campus is a mix of children from different age groups with different skill levels. It aims to help children experience productive learning time. It creates a sense of belonging, improves the social skills and makes learning more fun. Activities like fireless cooking, fun with science and music are a part of their everyday routine. We also ensure safety & security of the children. The children are with two Acharyas and an Akka in the After School. The children enjoy the Gym Room which facilitates physical movement and free play. The After school is a place where there is a perfect balance of learning and play.

Day care

Fireless cooking, Painting, Clay modeling and art work for “Varnajala” summed up a very eventful month at the day care!

Fun is the order of the day in our after school. Art activities, hot chocolate making and watching videos. Now, who wants to go home?

The day is well spent at the day care with children learning fireless cooking, exploring activities that challenge them and learning to be independent.

The day care is always filled with fun and engaging children in a very progressive way! Here is a glimpse of the activities they did this month!

There are many activities done at the after school to engage the children and bring out their creative side!

Traditional games, craft work, learning through creativity and sciences, all of it happening at our after school.


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