Job Opportunities

We are always on the lookout for those who want to make a difference!

The school invites applications from individuals with initiative and an open mind; willing to nurture and educate young people; capable of meeting the changing needs of a child as they develop physically, mentally and emotionally and are self motivated contributors to the school community.

There are certain qualities we are looking for in recruiting our new faculty members and you are encouraged to review the information below to help you determine if CHSV is the right school for you.

We seek to hire trained and qualified ICSE and ISC teachers who are

  • passionate and energetic role models who lead, inspire, and promote student learning through the examples they set
  • aware of the child development needs, subject area and  the current  trends in education;
  • willing to collaborate and  share  knowledge and capacities.
  • ready to learn and explore new and innovative  avenues in the teaching learning process
  • capable of linking assessment with learning
  • experienced in providing differentiated learning experiences
  • Committed to developing students’ learning by following an integrated approach
  • able to extend the class room learning to real life applications
  • Committed to facilitating / coordinating extracurricular and after school activities.

Applications are invited for the following post

The Hari Shree Vidyalayam Junior Campus requires Montessori trained teachers for immediate placement.

The Application process:
Applicants interested in positions at CHSV should complete the online application form at the link given below

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