Interact Club visits ‘Vishranthi’

26th February 2015

The Interact Club of Hari Shree Vidyalayam, which is supported by the Rotary Club of Madras Temple City, initiated a visit to ‘Vishranthi’, an old age home located in Pallavakam in ECR.

Arvind Pennathur, Vice President of the Interact Club shares his experience below:

“The students of Class VIII, IX and XI planned this visit for almost a month and I’m happy to say that everything went smoothly and that all the residents of the home enjoyed the show greatly. The event started with a prayer song which was sung by Varsha, Niveditha and Anjali, followed by a violin performance by Amritha and Sangamithra. A tantalizing dance performance by Madhushree was the next act to grace the stage and the combined efforts of Dilshani, Madhushree, Joshini and Srinidhi entertained everyone. To cap it all off, we had a grand singing performance by everyone in the Interact Club, coupled with lively dancing and pitch perfect percussion by Nikhil and Abhishek. This was the perfect end to our entertainment programme.

The Interact Club also distributed biscuits and bananas as a symbol of good faith and in the spirit of charity. We also interacted with the various denizens of the home and I’m sure that all of us walked away from this experience feeling very satisfied and grateful. We contributed Rs.5000 towards one day’s meal for the residents.

The visit opened the floodgates as to the nature of the visit, and on the way back, we reflected on the visit as a whole.”


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