Interact Club  

Installation Ceremony on 27th August 2014 

The Rotaract Club of Madras Temple City installed the Interact Club at Chettinad Hari Shree Vidyalayam on 27th August 2014.  This is the 3rd team of Interactors at our school, the first installation being in 2012. 19 students were installed this year as members in a formal ceremony held at the school, led by Nikhil Vijayanambi as President, Arvind Pennathur as Vice President, Poojitha as Secretary and Subashini as Treasurer. We were fortunate to have Rotarian Sreedharan, President, Rotaract Club of Madras Temple City as our Guest of Honour. Our Chief guest for the event, Mr. Pravin Shekar, a renowned public speaker, motivated and inspired a captive audience.

Please click on the following link to view the Interact Club Installation Agenda and guidelines.

Interact Club Activities 

Pick and Pay 

The Pick and Pay stationery shop which was launched last year was a success. It was therefore decided to continue the good work. The facility is located in the library where students can come in and avail it.

Juice Stall 

Twice a week, Interact Club members energize students by putting up juice stalls in the corridor during break time.  The proceeds from this popular venture will be used to support a charitable organization.

Weekly meetings 

Regular Interact Club meetings happen every Wednesday during lunch break from 12 to 12.30. We are fortunate that Rotarians have found time to attend some of our lunch meetings. 

Swacch Bharat – The Hari Shree Drive 

The Interact Club has decided to be active participants in organizing the Hari Shree Cleanliness Drive.

On November 26th, an Interact Club meeting was held in which Rotarians also participated. The Interactors were briefed by Pushpa Acharya and Shashikala Acharya on the Class V Swacch Bharat initiative, details of which can be found at  The members discussed how they could motivate students and help take this forward. It was decided that the Interact Club would organize multiple screenings of a motivating TED talk ( by a member of ‘The Ugly Indians’, a group of anonymous volunteers who are on a mission to clean up our cities using simple and smart solutions.

Following this, the Interact students went around the school campus taking pictures of the compound walls and surrounding area. These pictures were then pinned up on school notice boards along with   feedback pouches to collect suggestions from students, teachers and parents. The ideas will then be collated to decide on the most effective course of action.

Interact Club supports the CHSV Clean Up Drive 

‘Our Neighbourhood Our Pride’ – Chettinad Hari Shree Vidyalayam’s Cleanliness initiative was held on Saturday, February 28.The project has been inspired by the national cleanliness campaign – Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.

Class V students of the school have been working on this event as part of their Socially Useful Productive Work project. Students and volunteers from the 3 Chettinad Group schools in the neighbourhood – Hari Shree Vidyalayam, Raja Muthiah School and Sigappi Primary School, members of the Interact Club and Rotary Club, parents, teachers and members of the neighbourhood participated in this mission to clean their surroundings and also spread awareness on the importance of a hygienic environment.

“This one day event is just a beginning. Our ambition is to ensure the sustainability of this initiative. Support from the school Interact Club, the Rotary Club of Madras Temple City and CMSW Ramky Groups have added strength to our campaign. We have a long journey ahead, but it is definitely one that has begun today in right earnest.” says Ms. Deivanai, Principal of Chettinad Hari Shree Vidyalayam.

Interact Club visits ‘Vishranthi’

26th February 2015

The CHSV Interact Club initiated a visit to ‘Vishranthi’, an old age home located in Pallavakam in ECR.

Arvind Pennathur, Vice President of the Interact Club shares his experience below:

“The students of Class VIII, IX and XI planned this visit for almost a month and I’m happy to say that everything went smoothly and that all the residents of the home enjoyed the show greatly. The event started with a prayer song which was sung by Varsha, Niveditha and Anjali, followed by a violin performance by Amritha and Sangamithra. A tantalizing dance performance by Madhushree was the next act to grace the stage and the combined efforts of Dilshani, Madhushree, Joshini and Srinidhi entertained everyone. To cap it all off, we had a grand singing performance by everyone in the Interact Club, coupled with lively dancing and pitch perfect percussion by Nikhil and Abhishek. This was the perfect end to our entertainment programme.

The Interact Club also distributed biscuits and bananas as a symbol of good faith and in the spirit of charity. We also interacted with the various denizens of the home and I’m sure that all of us walked away from this experience feeling very satisfied and grateful. We contributed Rs.5000 towards one day’s meal for the residents.

The visit opened the floodgates as to the nature of the visit, and on the way back, we reflected on the visit as a whole.”

RYLA sessions for CHSV Interact Club members 

Session I – Sustainable Development by Ms.Radha

31st March, 2015

Report by Subhashini Ramadurai, Treasurer, Interact Club of CHSV

The first session of the Rotary Youth Leadership Association programme was conducted by

Ms.Radha on the topic of Sustainable development. Ms.Radha, a Harvard graduate with a Masters in Sustainable Development, is doing her research in organic farming and sustainability and is also one of the founders of Namma Farm.

Her session was interactive; she narrated the Reindeer story and the story of Grand Buffet.

She explained how the population of 29 reindeers on an uninhibited island with plenty of resources, increased at first, then decreased and finally died out due to the exhaustion of resources. The Grand Buffet story highlighted the economic shortage that the world may soon experience. Some of the books written on the consequence of human greed with respect to natural resources were discussed. Like Rachel Carson’s ‘The Silent Spring’ which artfully brings out the increasing need for sustainable development in today’s world. And ’ Indica’ written by Magasthenes, which talks about India as a rich country, not in terms of gold and silver but in terms of availability of food, forests and other natural resources.

Ms.Radha emphasized the need to create a sustainable future through new economic thoughts and by passing on knowledge, skills and values through education to the younger generation.

It was a very informative and eye opening session that made us all realize that we too have a duty to fulfill by helping create a better future for the generations to come and it was a privilege to have such a knowledgeable person like Ms.Radha guide us on how to go about it.

Session II – ‘Reading Theatre’ by Ms.Rangashree

1st April, 2015

Report by Arvind Pennathur, Vice President, Interact Club of CHSV 

On April 1st, the Interact Club of Chettinad Hari Shree Vidyalayam had an interactive session with Ms.Rangashree on a special topic, ‘Reading Theatre’. The session got off to a pulsating start with a 25 minute short movie based on Dr. Suess’ ‘The Lorax’ – a thought provoking film about the environment and how important it is to keep it intact. This was followed by a discussion on what hidden meanings the movie presented to us. For the ‘Reading Theatre’ activity, we decided to give more life to an already colourful film by providing sound effects and a slight ‘Indian’ twist. We were divided into three groups based on our preferred language – English, Tamil or Hindi. Each group discussed what effects they could add to make the story brighter and more attractive. Following discussions, we read the script for the video, providing sound effects for the various animals depicted in the forest and also adding Indian touches with the pronunciation of certain terms and replacing some objects with those normally found in India. It was a thoroughly engrossing experience and everyone benefited from the freedom of expression given.

Session III – Retail Set Up and Life Skills

1st April, 2015

Report by Amritha, Member, Interact Club of CHSV

Mr. Rajesh was invited to come and give a presentation on retail set-up to a group of tenth graders. As a part of their SUPW project, Class 10 is going to open a shop in the school premises to sell basic stationary and snacks. To guide us, Mr. Rajesh explained the concept of retail stores and some easy tactics to sell items. He explained that it is easier to sell trendier items at a slightly higher price as that item would be in demand and customers wouldn’t bargain for it. He also told us that if we sell simple items at a lower rate it would sell faster since it was cheap and useful.

Mr. Rajesh made us imagine a cycle with square or irregular wheels to drive home the concept of leading a balanced life. We were given a group activity to understand the importance of having a vision and also guidance and support to achieve what we want in life. We drew a ‘Wheel of Life’ with 8 spokes depicting Health, Family, Support System, Finance, Professional Life (i.e. anything apart from our studies like debates competitions etc.), Entertainment, Hobbies and God or an energy that needs charging (for non believers of God). Marking on the wheel gives us our ‘brain map’ and on analyzing this we can balance our life and be happy and successful. We really enjoyed this session.

Annual Day Food Stalls

April 11 and 12, 2015

During the Annual Day Celebrations at school, the Interact Club took the initiative of putting up food stalls for all 3 sessions, in the school reception area.  Many members volunteered to cook and bake items for the sale. The stalls were manned by the students of the club and the profits generated will be donated for a good cause.

Visit to Siragu Montessori

April 17, 2015

Members of the Interact Club, along with their facilitator Ms.Sivagamasundari visited Siragu Montessori, and interacted with the children there. They were touched by the warmth and hospitality extended to them by the students and facilitators over there.


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