Inter House Events


The Inter-house Talkathon event took place online. We enjoyed preparing our speeches, putting our writing abilities to good use. Delivering them on a virtual platform was a totally new experience too! I was really happy when I found out that I came third. Even though it was an inter house competition, everyone encouraged their friends and enthusiastically listened to all the speeches. In the final round it was extremely engaging to learn about the day to day pandemic heroes our friends spoke about. Everyone had a different perspective about their hero. I am looking forward to many more events.

- Zakya K Palicha, grade VI

Celebrating Freedom – Independence Week

True to the spirit of ‘Unity in Diversity’, a multilingual program was presented by the students of class 8 & 10. There were speeches, dance and music. It was a splendid, virtual presentation. An Inter-house Quiz was conducted on Independence day for Grade 7 and Grade 8 . The topic was Madras (1700-1950). Various rounds included Temples, Locations, Personalities, Companies & Brands, Art & Cinema. The quizmasters were our senior students from Grade 11 – Tejas Nageshwaran and Aneesh Sriram.

The ISC History department of Hari Shree came together to organize India’s 73rd Independence Day virtually. The program was filled with interesting activities to celebrate India. The event began with few thought provoking questions and discussion on the importance of the day. This was followed by Dumb Charades and Pictionary on the theme of Indian independence. Harakesh. M, a History student from Grade XII, made and presented a documentary called ‘Eve of Independence’. The documentary took us back to August 14th, 1947 and showed us a glimpse of the vibes and feelings of the people on the day before independence. Patriotism knows no language. To honour and respect the differently abled of our nation, the ‘Silent National Anthem’ was played.

- P Thanuja Mahalakshmi, grade XII

In honour of Madras – The Digital Way!

During this dull chapter of our lives, our school conducted a poster making competition to get our creative juices flowing. The event was an inter house competition and was individual in nature. We were asked to join a call on google meet, where we received our topic which was ‘Madras to Chennai’. It was quite hard at first to think of a way to present this transformation but eventually we managed to do it and turned in our posters. The event definitely helped give us more insight into our city’s history and gave us a chance to express our house spirit. For classes IX & X Shriya from Prithvi house came first, Anika of Akash house came second and Divya from Agni house came third and for classes XI & XII Logeswaran of Vayu house bagged the first place, Nayantara from Agni house came second and Chavi from Prithvi house secured the third place.

- Shriya Rama Rajiv, grade IX

Ode to Chennai – The Poetic Way

The rejuvenating hustle-bustle of the busy streets, the mouthwatering delicacies, the friendly people, the rich traditions and practices, the glamorous monuments – soak in the surroundings! What better way to celebrate the place you call home than an ode. An inter-house poetry writing competition, Hues of Chennai, was held for classes 9-12. For classes IX & X Ananya from Agni house came first, Divya of Agni house came second and Samhita from Akash house came third and for classes XI & XII Kavya of Vayu house bagged the first place, Tejas from Akash house came second and Shrimathura from Agni house secured the third place.

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