Indo-Korean Ceramic workshop

30th January, 2015

The Art students of Grade IX and X, accompanied by their Art teachers, attended an Indo-Korean workshop on ceramics at Kalakshtra on 30th January. Mr. Guhan, Head of the Ceramic Department introduced them to clay preparation processes and the different types of kilns used for glazing and firing. The students got the opportunity to interact with Indian and Korean artistes who were part of the workshop and learnt about the nature of their work. This was followed by a visit to a temple where the deities were made from red clay.

The group also visited the weaving and Kalamkari section where they interacted with artisans and understood the making, dyeing and drying process of Kalamkari.

Here is what the students had to say about their experience –

“I was amazed to see the hard work involved in handmade crafts”

“I was not aware of block Kalamkari”

“I saw that they design sculpture in the computer before making it”

“I hope to try out some of these types of art”

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