Interactive session with Dr.Purushothaman

Dr. Madhu Purshothaman interacted with Junior Campus parents on ‘Healthy Child, Smart Child’ on 9thNovember.

The team working with the “ Parent Circle Magazine” and Dr. Madhu Padmanabhan, Consultant Paediatrician- Apollo Children ‘ s Hospital , Chennai got together to present an interactive session on why and how good health is important for optimal school performance. The parents of children studying in the junior campus and teachers formed the audience for the interactive session.

Dr. Purshothaman , with the help of various slides presented pertinent information on a child’s health, the benefits of vaccination and the importance of regular health checkups.

He strived to create awareness on various issues pertaining to the health of children. He also stressed the role of the parent and of the doctor in ensuring good health and how health is linked to optimal performance in school.

An important aspect was the dangers of self medication. Parents were advised against giving Iron tonics or supplements without consulting their child’s paediatrician.

The benefits of vaccination were very clearly explained. A question posed by parents on the need and the usefulness of these vaccines was also answered by the doctor.

When asked on other healing methods like Ayurveda or Homoeopathy, the doctor with a gentle smile professed no knowledge about them and said that it depended on the individual.

Dr. Madhu also stressed on periodic health check up for children as opposed to taking them to a doctor only when there is a need.

Dr. Madhu said ‘I thank Hari Shree Vidyalayam for giving me this opportunity. I am impressed with the turn out of parents on a Saturday morning.”

Parents said “We were very happy with the information imparted. Please keep giving us such workshops!”

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