Head Table 2013

Annual student leadership forum 2013

Head table is an annual student leadership forum that provides the future generation of India, now in their formative years at schools, a platform to experience real-world leadership. The platform brings an experience of inclusive discussions and activities that facilitate interaction with eminent thought leaders from different domains.

We, as a team, from Hari Shree Vidyalayam with our head boy Akshay Sivakumar, head girl Yeshasvini and sports leader Srikrishna, participated in the forum discussion on 19 October 2013, which took place at The Chennai Heritage Centre, Chetpet.

The topic for the discussion was “The Future”. The members of the 2013 panel were accomplished visionaries who have made significant contribution in their respective domains.

  • Mr. Chandu Nair (Independent Consultant & Executive Committee of TIE) - BUSINESS
  • Dr. Sunil Chandy ( Director, Christian Medical College-CMC Vellore) - HEALTHCARE
  • Mr. Baradwaj Rangan (National Award-winning film critic, Journalist, Deputy Editor at The Hindu) - MEDIA
  • Ms. Rohini Rau (National Sailing Champion) - SPORTS
  • Mr. J Krishnan (CEO Unimity Solutions) – TECHNOLOGY

The student leaders were allowed to

  • share and articulate their ideas for the future
  • voice out their concerns for the future
  • learn from the experiences of the thought leaders

As a teacher who accompanied the children, I felt privileged to be a part of the spectators in this peer discussion.

Vijaya Dhayakar


A report from Akshay Sivakumar, Head Boy:

Head Table 2013

As we all know, sharing ideas and questioning them is the basis for learning new things and rectifying old beliefs. Head Table is a forum where student leaders interact with one another and pose questions to experts in various fields which enables one to gain a clearer perspective about many things.

As the Head Boy of Hari Shree Vidyalayam, I represented Head Table 2013 this year, organized by Chennai Public School. This year there were 5 experts namely, J Krishnan (Technological expert), Dr. Sunil Chandy (Heart Surgeon), Mr. Baradwag Rangan (esteemed movie critic), Ms. Rohini Rau (sailor and Olympic gold medalist) and Mr. Chandu Nair (CEO-TIE Industries).

The student representatives were given an opportunity to solicit questions. Lots were drawn and I was extremely lucky to be one out of the twenty that got selected for posing a question. My question was to Ms Rohini Rau and I asked her how she had balanced her life while getting where she is today. She really is a standing example for many children today because as a child she did horse riding, martial arts, bharathanatyam and what not and after all this she got into medical college and did her MBBS.

My question wasn’t the only one that proved educational to me. As a matter of fact, Dr Chandy gave me a lot of horrifying stats. He said that 60% of heart diseases around the world are from India and the one epidemic that is going to hit India by storm is childhood obesity mostly due to unhealthy eating habits. This not only alarms me but also makes me want to do something about it.

There were many other things I learned and I can’t possibly cover it in one report but I can say this- Bottom Line- Slog it out if you want to be anywhere respectable in this world.

Akshay Sivakumar


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