Hackathon – Innovative Solutions

January 3 and 4, 2019

The Hari Shree Hackathon was an event that primarily focussed on identifying the problem solver in each student. It was conducted by our global citizenship partner, Reap Benefit, a Bangalore based social enterprise with a vision to ‘Democratize public problem solving in every neighbourhood of India’. During the 2 day event, students were mentored and introduced to techniques like rapid prototyping, trigger mapping, electronics and coding. At the end of it, students came up with innovative working prototypes that could be worked on further for a large scale implementation. An exhibition was organized for the parents on the second day.

The objective of this event was to give the participants an insight into how to approach civic and environmental problems and formulate simple and cost effective solutions for the same. Some of the innovative solutions were, an app to report mosquito problems, sensor taps and showers for reducing water consumption, motion based lighting systems and intuitive waste bins for better segregation.

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