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The students of grade XII staged a play on Dental Hygiene for students of the Primary during their special assembly. It highlighted the need for proper healthcare and the dangers that one might face if personal hygiene is neglected.  This play was performed in Tamil for the students of Sigappi Ramaswamy school.

The session with nutritionist Ms Padma was an eye opener as she explained the benefits and necessity of breakfast, especially since students tend to skip this most important meal of the day. She explained that eating isn’t just a daily activity but much more than that.

The students of grade XII also staged a street play for the senior school to raise awareness on the importance of menstrual health. The play talked about the need to support, rather than stigmatize menstruation. It highlighted the hardship and scorn women face when trying to convey their problems, and what must be done by the society as a whole in order to accept the importance of menstrual health.

- Roshan Sreekanth, Vishva Shanmugam and Amrita Meena Vellayan, Grade XII


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