Grade VI to VIII – Curriculum

The school maintains a teacher student ratio of 1 : 30 for this level.

The school follows a secondary curriculum which provides them with all the requisite skills for the ICSE Curriculum. The subjects at the middle school level are:

  1. English
  2. Math
  3. Science (Physics, Chemistry & Biology)
  4. Social Studies (History& Civics and Geography)
  5. Second Language

Second and Third Language:

Please refer to the school language policy for details

Computer Science: 

Technology is an integral part of life in today’s world; keeping that aspect in mind, we have designed the curriculum for grades II – VII following the ICSE guidelines. The functioning of a computer system and the technology involved will be introduced during classes, in a grade appropriate manner. Activities are integrated into the curriculum.

Grade VI – Photostory, MS Excel, Flow Chart, QBasic

Grade VII – MS Access, C Programming, Movie Maker

Grade VIII – Java

Note: For Grade VIII, students will be doing Art, Computer Applications and Physical Education for one term each (Electives offered in Grade IX)

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