Grade IX & X – Curriculum

The school maintains a teacher student ratio of 1 : 30 for this level.

Grade IX & X follow the ICSE curriculum ( The various subjects offered by the school are:

Group I   Group II   Group III (Electives offered)






Computer Applications / Physical Education / Art / Economic Applications


Second Language


Science (Physics, Chemistry & Biology)


History, Civics & Geography
SUPW- Socially Useful Productive Work

Third Language: There is no third language at this level.

About the Electives

At present the school offers Computer Applications, Physical Education, Economic Applications and Art. The electives offered may vary from year to year. There might be an aptitude test involved to guide the children in choosing the right elective.

It is compulsory for students choosing Physical Education to attend a three day camp in grade IX & X. The venue will either be Chettinad Health City, Chennai or Chettinad Vidya Mandir, Karur. Any expense incurred for this camp must be borne by the student.

Second Language:

Please refer to the school language policy for details

Scholastic Awards from Grades IX to XII

  • Certificate of High Honor Rolls for students achieving 95% and above in subjects and the overall total.
  • Certificate of Honor Rolls for students achieving 85% and above in subjects and the overall total.

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