Grade II to V – Curriculum

The school maintains a teacher student ratio of 1:30 for this level

English Curriculum  

The English curriculum is designed to help the children understand, develop, explore and display their ability in various aspects of the language like Comprehension, Vocabulary, Poetry and Grammar. The development of writing, speaking and listening skills is done with the help of specially designed tasks and fun filled activities that aid the teaching – learning process. All classes from II to V work with the Pearson Publications Aster Series Active Teach Reader for Literature and Corner Stone for Grammar.

Math Curriculum  

Promoting a balanced, continuous and cohesive program throughout the grades is essential to help students develop an understanding of the “big ideas” of mathematics – the interrelated concepts that form a framework for learning Mathematics in a coherent way. Keeping this aspect in mind, we follow the Numberline series of Pearson Longman Publications to introduce the fundamentals of important concepts, processes, skills and attitudes in the primary grades which in turn, are fostered through the middle and secondary levels.

Science Curriculum  

Our Science curriculum is a unique integration of physical, biological and environmental sciences. It fosters the natural curiosity of young children and aims to develop skills of systematic observation, analysis and articulation. Children develop independent thinking, creativity and a sound basis for later scientific concepts. For grades II to V, we follow Universal Science Active Teach by Pearson.

Social Studies Curriculum  

Students are introduced to Social Studies from Grade III onwards. They learn about the world they live in and to appreciate the importance of their society and surroundings. For grades III to V, we follow Vistas Social Studies Active Teach textbook by Pearson.

Tamil Curriculum  

The curriculum employs content from the Tamil Nadu Government text book. In addition to that, worksheets and reading passages are prepared by the teachers as per school requirements.

Hindi Curriculum   

The Hindi curriculum is planned to provide exposure to the language through systematic and age appropriate language building. For grades II and III, we follow Hindi Ki Dhuniya by Chandrika Mathur brought out by Orient Longman and for grades IV upwards, it is Ullas Paatmala and Rachnathmak Vyakaran of Pearson Publications.

French Curriculum  

The French curriculum focuses on developing listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in the language.  The Enchante series of text books and workbooks are followed.

Sanskrit Curriculum  

At the Primary level, the Sanskrit curriculum focuses on vocabulary and sentence formation. Children are taught Sanskrit shlokas and their meanings, ‘Shabdas’ and ‘Dhathus’ are also introduced. We have recommended Samskritha Sudha 0 and 1 for grades IV and V.

Please refer to the school language policy for details

Computer Science Curriculum  

Technology is an integral part of life in today’s world; keeping that aspect in mind we have designed the curriculum for grades II to V following the ICSE guidelines. The functioning of a computer system and the technology involved will be introduced during classes, in a grade appropriate manner. Activities are integrated into the curriculum.

Grade II – Software: MS Paint and KidPix

Grade III – Software: MS Word, MS Paint, O004 kids

Grade IV – Software: MS Word, MS PowerPoint

Grade V – Software: MS Word, MS Publisher, Scratch

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