Global Teacher Accreditation

Global Teacher Accreditation (GTA) is a unique opportunity to gain recognition for high-quality professional practice, grounded in peer development and reflection for serving teachers undertaking development activities. The British Council and Cambridge Education Foundation, work together to deliver the GTA programme, funded by the UKAid, to promote a global dimension in the school curriculum through the development of innovative, equitable and sustainable school partnerships.

CHSV teachers have been actively engaged in GTA since 2013 as it builds on their learning in the classroom, their knowledge of how students learn, and the impact of their partnership work. The teachers work on action research projects through six months based on guidelines given by Cambridge facilitators. Participant teachers are provided local mentors and training on the process and framework of working on Action Research.


Ms. Shashikala Varadarajan – Science Teacher Class V and VI (2014-15) 

Ms. Shashikala was motivated to do action research in her Class V environment to better understand global trends in education, to include innovative teaching practices in her classroom and utilize this as an opportunity to grow with her students. She chose the topic ‘Nutrition in Food’ – her quest was to equip her Grade 5 students to identify the nutritive value of food through experimentation.

‘Eat right day and night to always keep you looking bright’

As a Science teacher, Shashikala wanted to reach out to the children of today, who are increasingly under the risk of developing health problems due to poor food choices. She worked on raising awareness in young minds, training and motivating them to broaden their thinking. They were encouraged to analyze the problem from a practical angle.

A visual representation of Shashikala’s action research

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