German students visit CHSV

June 30, 2014

Our students had an opportunity to interact with International students when a team of 17 students from Germany visited us. After a tour around the school that included a visit to the Art, PE and Computer classes, the guests participated in a host of activities connected with the International School Award. They explored similarities in languages around the world with Grade IX that is engaged in this project and then moved on to share their views with grade II on their project which is the significance behind street names. While the children explored patterns in naming streets after famous personalities or historical structures, the students from Germany were able to provide examples from their country. This face to face interaction delighted the children as they got to receive first hand information from friends across the globe.

The project and interaction with the guests was a part of project activities planned for the International School Award that Hari Shree is taking part in. The competition provides a platform for children to enrich their understanding of the world by connecting with people across the world.



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