General Guidelines to Students

Be Punctual to School

You are advised to be punctual to school. Children who are found to be late on more than three occasions over a term are asked to return home and face detention from class for the day.

Leave Letter

In case of a leave of absence from school, you must produce a leave letter that specifies the date and cause of absence. This letter may be sent through email or be handwritten in an A-4 sheet. If the leave extends beyond 5 days owing to illnesses, you must produce a doctor’s certificate. All such communication must be handed over to your class teacher for safe keeping.

Personal Hygiene

Pay attention to your personal grooming. Good grooming includes a neatly maintained and ironed uniform, clean nails and comfortable footwear in accordance with the day’s activity. Girls must take care to tie up long hair or pin up short hair. Accessories like long ear rings or bracelets must be avoided to prevent injury while playing. Boys must keep their hair short. If you decide to wear a watch, you are advised to choose a piece that does not distract the classroom. The uniform must be adhered to and any alteration to the code in the form of additions or deletions are discouraged.

Lost and Found Property

Misplaced or lost articles if found by the staff are assorted and stored inside the Lost and Found Property Box in the reception area. You are requested to go through the box after dismissal at 2:30 pm. However, it must be borne in mind that the school bears no responsibility for the safe keeping or retrieval of these articles. 

Note: Items will be retained in the Lost and Found Property Box only for 2 weeks. Items not claimed within 2 weeks will be donated to charity.

Procedure for Buying Extra Notebooks

If you need an extra notebook, you may go to the office room during snack or lunch break, pay for the notebook and receive the receipt. You can collect your notebook from the school store on producing the receipt, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, during lunch hour. You are advised to keep a regular check on your notebooks so that you are well prepared with a new book without undue delay.

First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit is maintained at the reception desk at the entrance. The kit is administered to children sustaining minor injuries, aches and pains. However, if you sustains an ijury that requires medical help, you will be taken to the nearest hospital, after intimation to the parent.

Friday Assemblies

The different age groups assemble together on Fridays for a general assembly that includes a complete prayer session, traditional decor and class performances. The older children from Class 6 to 10 also take turns decorating the entrance with the traditional thoranam and design a kolam at the assembly venue. This class enterprise plays a two-fold role ” to imbibe a cultural ethos among the children and to provide them with an opportunity to present their talents to their peer group.

To enable smooth functioning, different venues have been slotted out for each age group:

  • The Dining Hall for Class 2 & 3
  • The first floor Prayer Hall for Class 4 & 5
  • The ground floor Auditorium for Class 6 to 10

From Monday to Thursday, the day commences with prayers conducted in the individual classrooms. The choir leads the prayer via the P.A. system.

Maintenance of Classroom and Other Environments

Your classroom is your room. Be sure to stack shoes neatly in the shoe rack left outside the room. Your extra books can be stored in the Go Green bag supplied to you. This may be left neatly on the shelf provided for your books. Take care to keep your bags, water bottles and lunch bags in a neat line. Take an active role in maintaining the black board in your class. Avoid playing with chalks and keep the teacher informed in case someone fails to conform to these rules.

The pin up boards in your class and in the corridor too should be an object of your care. Avoid damage to them. If you see someone toying with the pins on these boards or damaging the displays, kindly inform a teacher.


Two ayyammas are exclusively stationed outside the toilets on each floor to maintain the restrooms during school hours. The restrooms are also washed every evening so as to ensure clean and non smelly restrooms for you. However, the maintenance of a good service also depends on its users. Each and everyone of you needs to cooperate and share the responsibility to maintain this service. Here are a few pointers on how you can help:

  • Western Closet: After every use, (i) flush the toilets without fail and (ii) lift the seat up.
  • Asian Closet: Use the mug and pour water sensibly to flush all around and wash your feet.
  • Urinals: Flush after use without fail.
  • Always, wash your hands before leaving the washroom.
  • If you find a dirty toilet, because of a fellow student’s irresponsibility, please do not walk away; inform the ayyamma on your floor so that she cleans the place.
  • If there is leakage on the tap or on the flush or the flush does not work, please do not walk away; inform about it at the reception mentioning the location of the toilet.
  • If a door handle or lock is faulty, please do not walk away but keep the reception informed about it.
  • If you find that issue has not been addressed even after a week’s time, please inform the school administrator regarding the same.

Please remember that each and every one of us, the students, faculty and other staff, are all equally responsible for keeping our premises clean. Let us take collective responsibility for our HSV!

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