Water Conservation – Every Drop Counts

Students of grade VI Suryagandhi and X Desh are working on creating awareness and taking action on Water Conservation. They understood water conservation from different perspectives, starting with touring the school to see the rainwater harvesting system installed within the campus. They learnt about concepts like surface water and ground water.

Mr.Nityanand Jayaraman, noted environmentalist, speaks to the students on issues connected to water. He spoke about the plight of Chennai Rivers, rain patterns, ill effects of desalination plants, unplanned development and the usage of marsh lands as dump yards.

How do we go about our campaign to save water?

Ms.Radha Varadarajan gives the students an overview of the rainwater harvesting system installed in school. The learnt about the different points of water collection, reasons for water logging etc. Students calculated the amount of water collected in the structure for a given amount of rainfall.

Let’s spread the message…

A rally to save water… let’s spread the word… Every drop counts.

Learning from the experts – at the Rain Centre, Akash Ganga Trust with Dr.Sekar Raghavan, a pioneer in the field of rain water harvesting.

Rain water harvesting in buildings – seeing how it works

Dr.Shekar Raghavan gives the students involved in water conservation a guided tour of his facility.

From Ambition to Action

12 students from the X Desh participated in an NGO organized, volunteer driven effort to clean the Mylapore Chitrakulam, a sacred tank believed to 20 centuries old.

Mylapore tank cleaning underway

So much trash in a part of a temple tank… imagine the plight of other water bodies..

Think Globally, Act Locally – Project Elixir  

The students of grade VII Manickam aims to conserve water through afforestation. They believe in the quote – “Dig a foot to plant a tree and save a 100 feet dig in search of water”.

It started with an awareness session in the form of a skit, scripted and enacted by the students. Mr.Kamesh of ‘Vizhithezhu Arakkattalai’, spoke to the students about seed ball preparation.  They also brainstormed on the problems faced by farmers and the reasons behind poor yield, food shortage and resultant farmer suicides. The hands on experience of making the seed balls is their first step towards planting trees that would prevent soil erosion. Since this activity coincided with Ganesh Chaturthi, the students put the seed balls in Ganesha moulds and made their own Green Ganeshas.

Mr.Kamesh talks to the students on farmer problems, food and water scarcity

A demonstration of  the seed ball making process

Green Ganesha – laying the seed balls in the Ganesha mould

Our eco-friendly Ganeshas are ready, we are happy and so is the environment

Water conservation through afforestation – Making seed balls for a better planet

Students at work under the guidance of their Acharyas and Mr.Kamesh, around  2000 seed balls with neem seeds inside were made and kept to dry

Now here is the best part…. let’s disperse the seed balls… throwing them onto the sides of Canal Bank Road, as part of an initiative to restore the water body

Fly away little seed….  bring back the water to our lands

Mr.Ram and Mr.Bala giving the students a guided tour of his lush terrace garden filled with vegetation

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