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Education for All

10 students from grade XII visited GUVI, an IIT Madras incubated company to understand the process of content development. As part of their global citizenship project, these students have chosen to create engaging and accessible subject related content in vernacular languages for underprivileged children in corporation schools.

Traffic Congestion – A Daily Issue 

The students of Grade IX Kurinji are working on the intricacies of traffic management, with a special focus on roads leading to the school.

Local traffic policemen have guided the students on traffic management, signals etc. A hands-on session was conducted in the auditorium. Data was collected and a survey of modes of transportation has been done. It’s time now for action…

A hands-on session with the local Traffic Police

Getting into the nitty gritty of traffic signals..

Stop, Go… and much much more..

Yours Imperfectionally: Everyone is Beautiful 

Bullying and Body Shaming are unfortunate realities and the students of grade XI have decided to address this issue by creating awareness and sensitizing students and the community on the need for respect and tolerance. The various groups in the class are working on communication strategies like Public Service Announcements (PSA), Posters, a Street Play, Movies and Blogs.

Health, Fitness and Hygiene

Students of grade VIII Neelam are working on analysing health and fitness in the school and community and contributing to health and wellness at all levels. Their plan of action includes learning traditional fitness art from experts and healthy recipes from chefs. All the learning will culminate in a year end calendar incorporating the ideas.

Students of grade XII are going to present a Street Play and a Flash Mob to promote Health and Hygiene in the campus and neighbourhood.  A medical camp for the Akkas and Annas of the school will also be organized.


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