Energy Conservation

Students of grade X Madhuvanti are planning to work on a project connected to energy conservation and management. Following ground work on the topic, like researching the school electricity bill, power consumed by different electrical gadgets, videos on solar power projects etc. they are having sessions with Mr.Narsimhan Santhanam, founder of EAI (Energy Alternatives India). The sessions focus on current energy usage in school and research into the possible alternatives, with a detailed cost benefit analysis.

Mr.Narsimham Santhanam and Mr.Ravi of Energy Alternatives India (EAI)

Energy Conservation… chalking out a plan of action

Use wisely, switch off when not in use – Students of X Madhuvanti do a class wise campaign to reiterate the message of conserving electricity.

Here’s our message to the Acharyas as well… let’s not forget to switch off when not in use.

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