Fun Fest – Yearly Charity Carnival

Dear Fellow-Parent,

Fun Fest is our yearly charity carnival, scheduled for the 1st or 2nd Saturday in January.  This event is completely organised by parents without the involvement of school. If you are interested to be part of the organising team, please click the link at the end of the page and fill up form. The various responsibilities in organising the Fun Fest is briefed below.

Finance Team: If you are experienced/qualified in the area of finance, please volunteer!!! Some of your responsibilities would include, collecting game coupons amount from Class parents/teachers (who would collect it from each student), handle entry/raffle ticket money on the Carnival day, collect money from food stalls & sponsors, disburse money to printers, shamiyana/audio rental people, etc…..finally tally the accounts and hand over the funds collected to the charity organizations (which will be decided by prefects/management/parents once the amount is in hand).  Basically, from beginning to end, completely take care of the financial side!

Games Team: Design & get the game coupons printed; distribute the game tickets to each class & coordinate the collection of money for the same with the help of Class teachers and Class Parents; sell additional game coupons at the venue on the day of the carnival; handover all collections  to the Finance team every now and then.

Entry & Raffles Team: Design & get the entry ticket printed. Issue the tickets at the entrance on the day of the Carnival; handover all collections over to the Finance team. Coordinate with the Fundraising Team and figure out the raffle prizes based on the sponsorship received.  Arrange for drop box for the raffles; organize lucky draw and distribute the prizes.

Publicity Team: Design & print posters for distributing to near by schools & post news on Mylapore Times, Metro Plus, etc.  Send e-invites for parents and also ask them to forward to friends around who may be interested. Encourage prefects to campaign in each class for bringing along friends from other schools. Basically, do what is needed to gather the crowd.

Food Stalls Team: Discuss with the prefectorial board & decide the food stalls; invite parents or Interact club to take up stalls for homemade items.   Approach the respective vendors and collect the payment; find out their requirements (chairs. tables, plug points, etc.); coordinate with the Venue & Equipment team and arrange for the same.  Follow up with the vendors to make sure they come and set up their stalls on time.

Game Stalls Team: Allot one stall for each standard (11 game stalls in total, one for each of Class 2 to 12); coordinate with parent volunteers from each standard to device/design game ideas and implement them with the help of other parents and students in each standard.  Organize outside vendors for jumping castle, joy rides and other entertainment as necessary; coordinate with the finance team and make payments to them.

Music/DJ & Cultural Events Team:  Arrange for music system/DJ; coordinate with the Finance team to make payments to them. Find out if our students would like to perform songs, dance, etc., and accordingly schedule and make necessary arrangements. Volunteer or find a couple of parents & students who can be the MC for the event.

Fundraising Team: Sponsor or find sponsors for the raffle prizes, DJ or any part of the carnival; raise funds through providing space for advertisements or provide marketing opportunity of school appropriate products/services.

Venue & Equipment Coordinating Team: Decide the layout of various games & food stalls, ticket counters, stage, etc. Coordinate with all of the above teams, find out each of their requirements and arrange for  shamiyana, tables, chairs, dustbins, electrical outlets, bubble top water cans, etc., accordingly. Coordinate with school to arrange for parking in Raja Muthiah; put up sign boards for parking, toilets, dustbins, ticket counter, etc.  Organize banners for each game stall.  Take care of safety of the premises (no electrical wires/outlets dangerously placed, no construction debris near stalls, arrange for the school first aid kit/fire extinguisher to be in easy to access place, etc.).

Event Directors Team: Coordinate with all the teams and follow-up on the progress and give the final touch! Members of this team have to make sure they form a similar team next year and pass on the experience gained this year to the new team; ensure continuity and enhancement of the event in the coming years.

Please email if you would like to be part of the organising team.

- Event Directors,
   CHSV Fun Fest

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