Field Trips / Excursions

Grade XII Field Trip to Yelagiri 

In spite of their busy schedules, the students of class 12 visited Yelagiri as part of their outbound experience. Although there weren’t many of us on the trip, it was still one to cherish, as it was our last year of school. The trip lasted three days, all of which were memorable. The bus ride to the hills was enjoyable with music and games. After a number of hairpin bends, we finally reached our hotel. The rest of the day was spent playing somme team building activities.

The next day, we went on a 3 hour long trek through a trail about a kilometer away from our hotel. The climb upwards although steep was scenic and awe-inspiring. After returning to our hotel, we were off to an adventure sports park where there were various activities like zip lining, walking a Burma-bridge, zorbing, archery, and even driving an All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV)!

The last day at Yelagiri was spent playing games. The ride home was long but fun all the same. Yelagiri, you will definitely be missed!

- Shruthi Jayaraman, grade XII

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