Field Trips / Excursions

Fearless Adventurers

The 11th graders left for Coonoor, taking a much-needed break from their academic schedule. Though a short trip, everyone had lots of enjoyable moments and learned more than they ever had on an excursion. Complete with a panoramic background and clouds rolling in on all sides, it was an engaging experience that everyone enjoyed. The teachers, the camp staff and the students that came along made this trip unforgettable.

- Amrutha Nathan, grade XI

Adventures for the Adventurous

The students of grade IX journeyed to Vishakapatnam for their outbound trip. The trip taught them to come out from their comfort zone. Adventure activities like burma bridge and zip lining were a source of great deal of fun and nervous excitement. They visited most of the city’s main attractions. Also, on the agenda were visits to a Tribal Museum, Bora Caves and the Submarine Museum. During their visit to Kailasgiri they witnessed the magnificent statues of Shiva and Parvati. They trekked 1000 steps to the Simhachalam Temple to see a unique and beautiful sculpture of Narasimha. After testing their endurance, the trek offered a splendid view. On the whole, the school trip was a fun-filled and memorable experience, with many feeling nostalgic at the end of it.

- Ananya Vijay Ganesh, grade IX

Class X Outbound to Coonoor

Perseverance, endurance and conviction are probably among the three most important characteristics of a leader. Characteristics which we got to understand through so many varied lenses and perspectives during our stay at the National Adventure and Leadership School’s camp at Manjakombai, near Coonoor.

The modest little camp, nestled among tea estates of Coonoor, the rich scenery and the enthusiastic staff at NALS lifted our spirits. During the course of our stay, various games and activities tested different aspects of skill, strategy and leadership, encouraging us to work as a team, think, strategize and innovate. An eight-kilometer trek encouraged us to raise our levels of endurance, and also offered us a splendid view of the hills. The rope climbing and rappelling were a great deal of fun and nervous excitement. Another interesting experience was the night trek in complete silence, sans flashlights, with only the moon and stars to illuminate our path through the forest. While having fun, we also learnt several important lessons at NALS, particularly from Mr. Seshadri. Their strict rules of not wasting even a morsel of food, and washing one’s own dishes and spoons seamlessly made us understand the importance of these aspects, as did the constant emphasis placed on the importance of nature. On the whole, our experience at NALS was one of enjoyment, bonding and learning.

– Tejas Naegswaran

Grade XII – Coonoor Trip

The students of grade 12 visited NALS, Coonoor as a part of their outbound trip. Nestled in the heart of the Nilgiris, surrounded by tea plantations and just two hundred metres from an open forest, which elephants, tigers and bison call home, the NALS camp was equal parts thrilling and tranquil. Lieutenant Seshadri of NALS conducted several team building, problem solving and leadership activities and spoke extensively to the students about the importance of qualities like self-regulation, inner strength and courage. The students also participated in community service activities where they helped paint the walls of a local school. Playful interactions, fun-filled conversations and boisterous games with the young children of the local school helped forge a connection between the two groups of students. From dancing to karaoke, to playing kho-kho at the railway station, this last school trip was a fun-filled and memorable experience, with many feeling nostalgic at the end of it.

- Nivedita Naveen, grade XII

Crops to Cuisine – Grade VI at Farm Guru

We visited ‘Farm Guru’ for our outbound trip. On reaching, we were given an introduction to the day’s agenda. First, we interacted with a famer and helped him and his cattle till the land. Next, we tried a hand at threshing and pounding grains. We stepped into the slush to sow seeds and transplant paddy, getting a completely hands-on experience. We rode on tractors and bullock carts. We also got to know about the four problems of organic farming. The teachers and students harvested radishes and eggplants. We went to the greenhouse to learn about mulching and saw a fishing demonstration. Each of us received radishes and a potted plant before leaving. It was an amazing experience that taught us how much effort goes into our everyday food.

- Grade VI students

Close to Nature – Grade VII in Yelagiri

We went to Silent Waters in Yelagiri for our outbound trip. It was nice to get away from the heat of Chennai and enjoy the breeze in cold and windy Yelagiri. We visited the Murugan temple to observe and admire the architecture. We then went to Whispering Woods to do activities such as balloon bursting, mummy wrapping, tug of war etc. We came back and had a laughter-filled karaoke competition. The next morning, we set off on nice trek up Swami Malai. The view from the peak was exhilarating and it felt like the clouds were passing through us! We later went to Fundera Park where there was a petting zoo with adorable rabbits, guinea pigs, goats and chicks. We even experienced a fish spa which was new to most of us. We watched a 7D cinema, played games, including mini golf. Later, we huddled around a campfire and the experience was complete with dance and mime contests. The following day, we had rangoli competitions and fireless cooking, where we made ladoos from biscuits and chocolate. On our way back, we visited the charming and quaint Mangalam village.

- Bhavna Bhadrinarayan and Sanjay Raj T L, Grade VII

An Adventurous Getaway – Grade VIII in Coonoor

The eighth graders of Hari Shree went on a memorable trip to the green hill-sides of Coonoor. Not only did we have loads of fun, but also learned the basic skill of adaptability and taking life as it comes. From long yet awe-inspiring treks to thrilling high ropes activities, we thoroughly enjoyed every single moment of it. The instructors at NALS (National Adventure and Leadership School) also encouraged us to follow their policy of ‘Taste Everything, Waste Nothing’ and although it was a little hard at first, we found it oddly satisfying to follow it sincerely. A trip full of laughter, fun, and memories, this was an experience that we will never forget.

- Grade VIII students

Grade X in Hyderabad 

The tenth-grade students of CHSV went on their annual outbound trip to Hyderabad.

We spent our days doing adrenaline-pumping activities such as rock climbing, commando net, valley crossing, Burma bridge, rappelling and zip lining. The surge of excitement that pounded through us when we did these activities is not something we experience in our day-to-day lives. It was a refreshing and unique experience that none of us would have wanted to miss.

We went on a few treks as well. Some of these treks included seeing a monument in the end, for example the Golconda Fort, where we learned a great deal about its rich history. We also forged new bonds when we participated in numerous team-based activities.

The best thing about the trip was the fact that we got to spend more time with our friends.  The accompanying teachers also joined in the fun. Overall, everyone had a fantastic and joyous trip and the memories made will remain in our hearts forever.

- Manasha Sahana,grade X

 Grade XI – Adventure Cove, Hyderabad

For the class 11 outbound trip, we went to a camp near Hyderabad. It was a fun-filled trip. I can honestly say that it involved more exercise than I have done in quite some time. From the day that we arrived, until the day we left, our days were filled with a variety of activities. From zip-lining to a game of minesweeper, there were definitely no dull moments.

It wasn’t just activities though. We got a dose of history and scenery on our visit to the Salar Jung museum, Bonghir and Golconda  forts. We also learned quite a bit about saree weaving on our visit to Puttapakka, a weaving village. Our trip concluded with a visit to the Charminar, where we were allowed to shop to our hearts content. The walls of the shops were filled with colourful bangles and sparkling jewellery, beautiful statues and a whole variety of items. The boys went looking for board games and souvenirs of their interest. The whole experience, from the tiring bus journey to the fun activities and shopping, was amazing and I am grateful to my school teachers and classmates for this experience.

- Devnanda Kurup, grade XI

Grade XII Field Trip to Yelagiri 

In spite of their busy schedules, the students of class 12 visited Yelagiri as part of their outbound experience. Although there weren’t many of us on the trip, it was still one to cherish, as it was our last year of school. The trip lasted three days, all of which were memorable. The bus ride to the hills was enjoyable with music and games. After a number of hairpin bends, we finally reached our hotel. The rest of the day was spent playing somme team building activities.

The next day, we went on a 3 hour long trek through a trail about a kilometer away from our hotel. The climb upwards although steep was scenic and awe-inspiring. After returning to our hotel, we were off to an adventure sports park where there were various activities like zip lining, walking a Burma-bridge, zorbing, archery, and even driving an All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV)!

The last day at Yelagiri was spent playing games. The ride home was long but fun all the same. Yelagiri, you will definitely be missed!

- Shruthi Jayaraman, grade XII

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