Field Trips / Excursions

Grade XI – True Colours of Life

October 9-14, 2017 

This year’s outbound trip for class XI was to Munnar and Thekkady. In Munnar (Suryanelli) we lodged at a campsite called Kalypso. We participated in various activities like minefield, keypunch, bullring and many more. Some of our personal favourites were raft building and the one and half hour trek through the cardamom plantation nearby. The trek was arduous but the view at the end was worth all the effort.

Two days later, we were off to Thekkady. We witnessed an awe inspiring Kathakali performance, where got a glimpse of the different mudras and key movements involved in this art form. The stunning Kalaripayattu demonstration also gave us an opportunity to interact with the performers at the end of the show. We enjoyed the boat safari at the Periyar Tiger Reserve, all the while waiting to see some animals.

- Shruthi Jayaraman, grade XI 

Bake Me a Biscuit – Grade IV

The trip to the Madras Bakery was full of fun and excitement. Though the trip was long, the ride with our friends made up for it. The sweet aroma of biscuits welcomed us into the factory. We first watched a documentary on the making of the confectionaries. We were then taken around to see the processing units and bakery equipments. We saw the bakers mixing the wheat, sugar and oil to give the biscuits the perfect shape. They were then baked and cooled before being packed. The best part was when we got to taste the freshly baked, hot biscuits. The trip inspired us to try making biscuits at home.

- Grade IV students

Right on Track – Junior Campus

The students of the junior campus got an opportunity to visit the rail museum. They got to see the train from both the inside and the outside and get a feel of a literal travel by train.

A Breath of Fresh Air – Grade XII

Students of grade XII went on a trip to Yelagiri a few months before their board exams to relax and rejuvenate.

Supermarket Visit – PP2

Visit to Waitrose Supermarket by students of PP2

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