Email Log

Note: This page will be updated every Saturday. Based on the importance of the email it may also be updated more often.

This page lists only the email-circulars sent from the office of Chettinad Hari Shree Vidyalayam ( This list does not include emails by prefects, students, class parents, teachers or others, sent from their personal email ids addressed to a smaller, selected and more specific group of students/parents.

Only the date, recipient and the subject of the emails are listed here for your reference and not the entire body of the email. If you did not receive an email meant for you, please contact a fellow-parent or the Class Parent and avail the information before calling the school office. If you consistently do not receive these emails, please call or visit the school office and check the correctness of your contact information in the school records.

Date SentRecipientSubject
23/11/2017Class IIIMath-Clock Making
23/11/2017Class XPractice for Pradarshan
23/11/2017Class VII (Maragatham)Global Citizenship Field Trip
22/11/2017Class VIInteractive Session
22/11/2017PPI to Class IChildren's Day Celebrations
21/11/2017Class IXTrouvez la question
21/11/2017Class VIII & XWorksheet
21/11/2017Class VIVisit to Egmore Museum
21/11/2017Class IVField Trip to Planetarium
20/11/2017Class IX - Art StudentsRegarding the Special Classes for Grade IX Art Electives
20/11/2017Class II to VDance and Music Talent Hunt
20/11/2017Class VIVisit to Egmore Museum
18/11/2017Class VI (Sembaruthi) & Class VII to XIIMedical Camp 2017 – 18
18/11/2017Class IV & VArt Activity
18/11/2017Class XI Nalanda and XII HamsadhwaniCareer Guidance Program
18/11/2017Class XIIRescheduled PTM
17/11/2017Class VI to XIISaturday Special Timetable
16/11/2017Class XCompensation Class
16/11/2017Class XEssay on Internet
15/11/2017Class VI to XIISaturday - 18th November - Compensatory working day
15/11/2017Class VI SembaruthiGlobal Citizenship Field Trip
15/11/2017Class III to XRegarding Syber Olympiad – NCO
15/11/2017Class XCorrected Answer Scripts
14/11/2017Class XCompensation Classes
14/11/2017Class III to XOlympiad Exam and Litmus Test
14/11/2017Class IVAnswer Key for the Worksheets
14/11/2017Class V to IX & XIBrain Power Workout
13/11/2017PP I to Class XIIChildren's Day Greetings
13/11/2017PP I to Class XIIGreetings for Children's Day
13/11/2017Class XIDifferentiation Worksheet
13/11/2017Class XSelf study – Mensuration (Cone)
13/11/2017Class II to VReview II for Primary
13/11/2017Class XIIRegarding PTM
13/11/2017Class VPractice Worksheet
13/11/2017Class VIIISimultaneous linear equation-at a glance
13/11/2017Class IIIMath Revision Worksheet
13/11/2017Class IV & VRevision Worksheet for SST
13/11/2017Class VIILearn to Construct Triangles
13/11/2017Class IV & VI Rain Holiday Worksheet
10/11/2017Class XIIRegarding PTM
10/11/2017Class VIIPPT on Nutrition in animals and plants
10/11/2017Class XIntimation about the special classes
10/11/2017Class II to VRevised Timetable for the Review II
09/11/2017Class XReport Card Distribution
09/11/2017PP I to Class XIISarvalokaa Performing Art Festival
09/11/2017Class II and IIIInter- House Art Activities
08/11/2017Class VI SuryagandhiRain Water Harvesting Study Trip
08/11/2017Class XSchool Holiday
08/11/2017Class VI RojaAyyamittu Unn - A Field Visit
08/11/2017Class VII ManickamRain Water Harvesting Study Trip
08/11/2017Class II to XIIChildren’s Day Celebration
07/11/2017Class V to IX and XIBrain Boosting Workshop
07/11/2017Class XSchool Holiday
07/11/2017Class IXSchool Holiday
07/11/2017Class XIIPrograms for record work (Computer Science Students only)
07/11/2017Class VIPPT for Biology
06/11/2017Class XPPT
06/11/2017Class VI to VIIIRegarding CA - III
06/11/2017Class XII HamsadhwaniRain Holiday Home Work
06/11/2017Class XI & XIIChemistry Rain Holiday Home Work
06/11/2017Class XI NalandaRain Holiday Home Work
06/11/2017Class II to VRegarding Review II
06/11/2017Class IXHistory Worksheet
03/11/2017Class II to VHomework
03/11/2017Class XHistory & Civics Worksheet
03/11/2017Class VI to VIIIRain Holiday Home Work
03/11/2017Class IX & XChemistry Rain Holiday Homework
03/11/2017Class XBiology Homework
03/11/2017Class VIIRegarding Field Trip on November 4
03/11/2017Class IXRevision
03/11/2017Class XIIFlipped Classroom - Chapter 18 - Probability (Maths Students only)
03/11/2017Class III to VMath Revision Worksheet
03/11/2017Class XDraw ray diagrams
03/11/2017Class VIIRevision Worksheet
03/11/2017Class XIFlipped classroom - Chapter 20 Measures of Central Tendency (Maths Students only)
02/11/2017Class XSelf Study – Mensuration
01/11/2017PP I to Class XIIOctober Newsletter
01/11/2017Class IIIModified Planner for the month of November 2017
01/11/2017Class II to VPlanner for the month of November 2017
01/11/2017Class IXFlipped Classroom- Indices
01/11/2017Class IXBiology Home Work
31/10/2017Class VIIIWorksheet based on the field trip
31/10/2017Class VIIField Trip
31/10/2017PP I to Class ISyllabus plan for the month of November
31/10/2017Class VIIRevision Worksheet
31/10/2017Class VI to XPlan for the month of November
30/10/2017Class VIIIRevision Worksheet
28/10/2017Class XIISpecial Class
28/10/2017Class II to VHalloween Celebration
27/10/2017Class VIWorksheet on Ratio and Proportion
27/10/2017Class XComputer Applications Record Programs
26/10/2017Class V to IX and XIBrain Boosting Workshop
26/10/2017Class X Desh & ShahanaPhysics Special Class
26/10/2017Class VIBiology Guest Lecture
26/10/2017Class IX Math Special Class
26/10/2017Class X DeshGlobal Citizenship Field Visit
25/10/2017Class IV to VIII Participating StudentsThe Math Whizz 2017 - Round One Results
25/10/2017Class IX NeidhalGlobal Citizenship Field Visit
25/10/2017Class II to VTerm II Review Assessment
25/10/2017Class X MadhuvantiPhysics Special Class
25/10/2017Class VIIIField Visit
24/10/2017Class VIII to XII Future Leaders Program - WIMUN, USA
24/10/2017Class II to XIISaturday -- 28th October -- Full Working Day
24/10/2017Class X - Trip StudentsOutbound Trip to Munnar
24/10/2017Class IX - Trip StudentsOutbound Trip to Lonaval
20/10/2017Class VI to IXRectified date for School Photo
17/10/2017PP I to Class IAnnual Photo Session
17/10/2017Class VIWorksheet on Decimals
17/10/2017PP I to Class XIIHappy Diwali
17/10/2017Class II to XIIColourful and festive look on 24th October
17/10/2017Class II to XIIRegarding School Uniform
16/10/2017Class VII to IX and XIIvy League Model United Nations Conference, Gurgaon
16/10/2017Class XIPTM on 24th October, 2017
13/10/2017PP I to Class ISyllabus plan for the month of October
12/10/2017Class VII to XIIIvy League Model United Nations Conference, Gurgaon
12/10/2017Class IX and XT3 (Teen Think Tank) for Nation Building
12/10/2017Class V to IX and XIBrain Boosting Workshop
11/10/2017Class XFrench Worksheet
11/10/2017Class II to VPlanner for the month of October 2017
11/10/2017Class VI to VIIIPlan for the month of October
11/10/2017Class IXEssay on Internet
11/10/2017Class II to VExtra Support Classes - Math
10/10/2017Participating StudentsLady Andal Quiz
10/10/2017Class VI to VIIIPTM on Monday, 16th October, 2017
10/10/2017Class VField trip to The Anna Centenary Library
10/10/2017Class X - French StudentsFrench Worksheet on Translation
10/10/2017Class IXPlan for the month of October
09/10/2017Class IXPTM cum Report Card distribution
07/10/2017PP I to Class XIIMedical Record 2017-18
07/10/2017Class XIMunnar Trip
06/10/2017Class XIDetails Regarding class XI Munnar Trip
05/10/2017Class II to VPTM for Primary
05/10/2017Class VIIIMathematics Internals
05/10/2017Class VIIMathematics Project
05/10/2017Class VI to VIIIHalf Working Day for 1st Saturday, 7th October
05/10/2017PP I to Class XIIOnline Application for Admission
04/10/2017Class XIOrientation for Munnar Trip
04/10/2017Class II to XIIAfter School Sports Paid Activities for II Term
04/10/2017Class XI - Nalanda & Class XII - HamsadhwaniCareer Guidance Program (Nalanda & Hamsadhwani Students)
04/10/2017Class XExtra notes for Economic Applications
03/10/2017Class VI to VIIIHindi III Language
27/09/2017Class XInternal Assessment
27/09/2017PP I to Class XIISeptember Newsletter
22/09/2017PP I to Class XIINavaratri Greetings
22/09/2017Class IIIStates and Capitals
22/09/2017Class IXItinerary for Lonavala
22/09/2017Class XOutbound Trip
22/09/2017PP I to Class XIIAdmission open from Vijayadasami
20/09/2017PP IPP II Changed Timing and Second Language
19/09/2017Class XMath Revision Assignment
19/09/2017Class VI to IXPick up timing on Friday 22nd September, 2017
19/09/2017Class XIISchool Holiday
18/09/2017PP I to Class INavratri Open House Invite
18/09/2017Class XIIMaths Revision for SA-2 Examination
18/09/2017Class VField trip to Ramakrishna Math
15/09/2017Class XSending corrected answer scripts of CA2
14/09/2017Class XIISpecial classes on Saturday (16th and 23rd of September, 2017)
14/09/2017Class XIIOutbound to Yelagiri
14/09/2017Class XII - Participating StudentsVisit to RTBI (9 students)
13/09/2017Class IXOutbound Trip 2017
13/09/2017Class IX NeidhalRegarding Lab Class
13/09/2017Class XI - Art StudentsArt Paper IV
13/09/2017Class IX - Art StudentsSemester I, Art Paper III
12/09/2017Class X - Madhuvanti and DeshReg Special class in Math
12/09/2017Class X - Physical Education StudentsPhysical Education Camp
12/09/2017Class X - French StudentsFrench Grammar Worksheet
11/09/2017Class XIOutbound trip to Munnar, Kerala
11/09/2017Class XI & XIILab / Material Fee
Date SentRecipientSubject
11/09/2017Participating StudentsASISC Regional Badminton Tournament
11/09/2017Class IVAnnual Field Trip
11/09/2017Class II to VReport Card Day
Class VIBiology Internals
11/09/2017Class XSpecial Class in Mathematics
08/09/2017Class IXSample Paper
08/09/2017Van StudentsReminder for IInd Term van Fee Payment
07/09/2017Class VIGrade VI Internals
06/09/2017Class III to XScience and Math Olympiad
06/09/2017Class XIIOutbound stands cancelled
06/09/201706/09/2017After school activity for semester 1
06/09/2017Class XII (2016-17 Batch)Information regarding further study after ISC Examination
06/09/2017Participating StudentsC S I R Quiz
02/09/2017Class XIAssignment for Class XI in Complex numbers
02/09/2017Participating StudentsMath Whizz
02/09/2017Class VI to VIIIRegarding III Language Exam
01/09/2017Class VI to VIIITimetable for Saturday – 2nd September
01/09/2017PP I to Class XIIHoliday on Monday, September 4
01/09/2017Class VIIMath Revision Worksheet
01/09/2017Class VIWorksheet for Class VI
01/09/2017Class IX & XHandout French Worksheet
01/09/2017Class IXFrench Revision Worksheet
31/08/2017PP I to Class XIIAugust Newsletter
31/08/2017Class X MadhuvantiGlobal Citizenship - Guest Lecture
31/08/2017Class IX & XPlan for the month of September
31/08/2017Class VIII & IXRevision Worksheet
30/08/2017Class II to XIIAfter School Activity Cancelled on 31st August
30/08/2017Class XIIRegarding Special Class
30/08/2017PP I to Class XIIHalf working day on 31st August
30/08/2017Class IV, V & VII - French StudentsFrench Worksheet
29/08/2017Participating StudentsMath Whizz Quiz
29/08/2017Class VI to VIII1st Saturday 2nd September - Half working day
29/08/2017Class XIIOutbound trip to Munnar, Kerala
29/08/2017Class XNTSE - Last date for submission of NTSE forms is 30th August
29/08/2017Class II to XIIAfter School Activity
28/08/2017Class VPortions for 1st Term Review
28/08/2017Class IV to VIII - Participating StudentsMath Whizz Quiz (Participating Students)
28/08/2017Class XSample Questions for French Oral Exam
28/08/2017PP II and Class IField trip to rail Museum
28/08/2017Class XState level National Talent Search Examination (November 2017)
28/08/2017Class IXRescheduling the PTM to 31st August
24/08/2017PP I to Class XIIHappy Ganesh Chaturthi
24/08/2017Class XIMath Assignment 5 (Trigonometric Equation & Properties of Triangles)
23/08/2017Class II to VTerm I Portions and Timetable
23/08/2017PP I to Class XII2nd Term Fee
23/08/2017Class XIIMaths Answer Key for Revision 1
22/08/2017Class VIMath Internal Assessment
22/08/2017Class XMath Revision Questions
22/08/2017Participating StudentsASISC ATHLETIC MEET
21/08/2017Class VII to XIRegarding ANCQ Test (participating students)
21/08/2017Class II to VParent Teacher Meeting
21/08/2017Class IXPTM cum report card distribution
19/08/2017Class II to VCHSV MUN LIVE
18/08/2017Class XExtra Support Class for Students
18/08/2017Participating StudentsCommunity Visit
18/08/2017Participating StudentsASISC Regional Football Tournament
18/08/2017Class XIIMaths Revision Test -1
18/08/2017Participating StudentsConsent Letter - ASISC Badminton Tournament
18/08/2017Class IXSpecial class from 21st to 24th August from 3 pm to 4 pm
18/08/2017Class VI to XIICHSV MUN LIVE
18/08/2017Class VIWorksheet on HCF and LCM
18/08/2017Class XIPTM on 23rd August, 2017
17/08/2017Class IX NeidhalExtended School Hours
16/08/2017Class VII to XIIMUN Orientation
16/08/2017Class IXRescheduling Math and Science Asset Examination to September 2nd
11/08/2017Class XPresent Conditional
11/08/2017Class XMath Assignment in AP-GP
11/08/2017Class II to XIIIndependence Day Celebrations
11/08/2017Class IXAsset Exam
11/08/2017Participating StudentsS Park Junior Quiz
11/08/2017Class XIISpecial Class on Saturday, 12th August, 2017
10/08/2017PP I to Class IAugust Syllabus 2017
10/08/2017PP I to Class VAfter School Care and Activity
10/08/2017Class II to XIIIntimation of last date for the payment of fee
10/08/2017Participating StudentsContest Alert - All Expense-Paid Visit to FLAME University!
10/08/2017Class IX - French StudentsRegarding Translation
10/08/2017Class X - French StudentsTranslation Worksheet
10/08/2017Class V to VIIISmile Chennai - An attempt to guiness World Record
10/08/2017VIII - Muthu and X - ShahanaRegarding Guest Lecture
10/08/2017VII - VaiduryamRegarding Guest Lecture
10/08/2017Participating StudentsUpdate on Transfers | HMUN India 2017
10/08/2017Participating StudentsHMUN 2017
07/08/2017Class II to XIIAfter School Activity
05/08/2017Class VII & VIIIRevision Worksheet
05/08/2017Class XICouncil Registration Details – Confirmation
05/08/2017Participating StudentsHMUN India 2017- Things to Know
05/08/2017Participating StudentsHMUN Checklist
05/08/2017Class IXSample Paper & Answers for Assignments - 1, 2 & 3
05/08/2017Participating StudentsRegarding CSI - National Level Competition
05/08/2017VI - Suryagandhi
VII - Manickam
X - Desh
Guest Lecture on 11th August
05/08/2017Class XIIPTM and Report Card Distribution
05/08/2017Class II to VPlanner for the month of August 2017
03/08/2017Class IX to XIIGIVE a Brick Run/ Walk to help CBCRF (A unit of Sri Dhanvantri Trust) to build a Non-Profit Breast Cancer Hospital
03/08/2017Class VI to VIIIPlan for the month of August
03/08/2017Class IIIMath Worksheet
03/08/2017Participating StudentsHMUN India 2017 Conference Preparation
03/08/2017Participating StudentsHMUN India | Sustainability by Coca-Cola
03/08/2017Class X DeshGlobal Citizenship Field Engagement
03/08/2017Class V & VIYoga Demonstration During Sports Day 8th August, 2017
03/08/2017Class XPTM Cum Report Card Distribution
03/08/2017Class VIICHSV MUN 2017
03/08/2017Participating StudentsRegarding ASISC Regional Level Competitions – Madurai
02/08/2017Participating StudentsChennai Live 104.8 FM
02/08/2017Class II to VPTM on Saturday, 5th August, 2017
02/08/2017Class VI to VIIIFiling of Answer Sheets
02/08/2017Class VI to VIIIReporting Time for Asset Exam
02/08/2017Class II to XIIFeedback/ suggestions for the next edition of students' diary
02/08/2017Class XIModified CA-1 Timetable
02/08/2017Class III to XRegarding General Knowledge and English Olympiad
02/08/2017Class XII (2016-17 Batch)Information regarding further study after ISC Examination
02/08/2017Class VII to XIIDetails Regarding MUN Club
02/08/2017PP I to Class ISchool Holiday on Tuesday, 8th August
31/07/2017Class IX & XPlan for the month of August
31/07/2017Class VIII to XIICHSV MUN 2017
31/07/2017Class VI to VIIIAsset Exam
31/07/2017Class IV to IXMath Quiz
28/07/2017Class II to XIIChange in Sports Day
28/07/2017Participating StudentsTraining session for MUN’ers
28/07/2017Class VIMath Worksheet
28/07/2017Class IXChange in CA1 Timetable
28/07/2017Class XCorrected answer scripts of SA1
27/07/2017Class ITamizh Curriculum (as of July 25)
27/07/2017Participating StudentsGuest Lecture
25/07/2017Participating StudentsHMUN Details and Reminders
25/07/2017Class VI to VIIITamizh 2nd language - Essay Writing Activity
25/07/2017Class VIYoga practice during sports heats on 26/07/2017
24/07/2017Class VI to VIIIPTM on 28th July 2017
24/07/2017Class VI to XIISports Uniform for Sports Heats
24/07/2017Class II to XIIRegarding After School Activity
24/07/2017Class II to XII‘The Vizha’ 2017
22/07/2017Class XIMath Assignment
22/07/2017Class IX - French StudentsFrench Revision Worksheet
22/07/2017Participating StudentsArt Competition
21/07/2017Participating StudentsVizha Practice on 22nd July, Saturday
20/07/2017Class II to VAnnual Sports Meet
20/07/2017Class VI to XIISports Heats and Sports Day
20/07/2017Class II to XIIMission – KAGHAZ
20/07/2017Class IIField Trip
19/07/2017Class IX and XJapan Education Fair on Friday, 4th August
19/07/2017Class XI and XIIJapan Education Fair on Friday, 4th August
19/07/2017Class IX French StudentsHandout for class IX French Students
19/07/2017Class IXMath Internal Assessment
19/07/2017Participating StudentsASISC Regional Level Competitions
18/07/2017Class XI - Participating StudentsGalaxy Science and Technology Quiz 2017 - July 19
18/07/2017Participating StudentsASISC Cricket Tournament
18/07/2017Class VI to VIIIFiles For the Answer Papers
18/07/2017Class VI to XIIInter House Event on July 21
17/07/2017Class XIIChemistry Worksheet
17/07/2017Class XStudents will go home after the last examination
15/07/2017Participating StudentsDetails about Math Lecture programme for school students of class XI and XII at CMI
15/07/2017Class XIMaths Assignment 3 - Relations and Functions
15/07/2017Class XMath Internal – 1
14/07/2017Class VII - II Language - Hindi StudentsHindi II Language
14/07/2017Class IXMaths Assignment - 3
13/07/2017Class IXGuest Lecture in Biology
13/07/2017Class IXCouncil Registration Details – Confirmation
11/07/2017Class X - Tamil StudentsII Language – Tamil Internals
11/07/2017Class VIII - II Language Tamil StudentsTamil Worksheet
11/07/2017Class VI to VIIIRegarding Wild Wisdom Quiz
11/07/2017Class XI Participating StudentsThe Vizha 2017
11/07/2017Class VIII to XIIHMUN Invite
10/07/2017Class II to IVStory Time With Fathers
10/07/2017Class VIII to XIISANVIMUN 2017
07/07/2017Class XIIRegarding Guest Lecture
07/07/2017Class XI - Math StudentsWeekend Assignment
07/07/2017Class IXInternal Assessment
07/07/2017Class IX - French StudentsPassive Voice
07/07/2017Class IX - French StudentsPresent Conditional
07/07/2017Class II to VPlanner for the month of July 2017
05/07/2017Class IIIRegarding Field Trip
05/07/2017Class VI - II Language Hindi StudentsHindi II Language
05/07/2017Class VIII to XIIOrientation for MUN
05/07/2017PP I to Class ISyllabus Plan
04/07/2017Class II to IVStory Time With Fathers
04/07/2017Participating StudentsAPL MUN change in address and URL
04/07/2017Class II to XIIRegarding Investiture Ceremony
03/07/2017PP I to Class XIIJune Newsletter
03/07/2017Class VI to VIIIPlan for the month of July
01/07/2017Class II to XIIAfter School Activity
01/07/2017Class X - French StudentsFrench Worksheet for class X
01/07/2017Class IXMaths Assignment - 2
01/07/2017Class XIIExamination Schedule
01/07/2017Class IX & XPlan for the month of July
29/06/2017PP I to Class XIIStudent Personal Details 2017-18
29/06/2017Class II to IVStory Time With Daddy
29/06/2017Class II to VRegarding PTM
29/06/2017Class XUpdates Regarding SA1
28/06/2017Class IX to XIISaturday Holiday
28/06/2017PP I to Class XIIChettinad Sarvalokaa Education E-brochure
28/06/2017Class X - French StudentsFrench Worksheet for class X
28/06/2017Class VIII to XIIOrientation for MUN from Class 8 to 12
27/06/2017Class VI to VIIIHindi III Language
27/06/2017Class VIRevisiting number system and integers
27/06/2017Class IIMath Kit
27/06/2017Class VIII, X, XI & XII - Art StudentsVisit to Korean Floral art exhibition
24/06/2017Class XIMath Worksheet
23/06/2017PP I to Class VExtended Support for Children
23/06/2017Class XMath Revision Assignment
23/06/2017Class IXMathematics Assignment – I
23/06/2017Class VIIIRevisiting Number System
22/06/2017Class II to XIIRegarding PT Uniform
22/06/2017Class II to XIIChange of School Time on 28th June 2017
22/06/2017PP II and Class IDispersal Time for Junior Campus on 28th June
22/06/2017Class XIISpecial Class
21/06/2017Class I to XIICrea-Shakthi School of Drama - Registrations Open
21/06/2017Class II to XIIRegarding Sports Uniform
21/06/2017Class IV to XIICelebrating 20 years of Harry Potter magic at the British Council
20/06/2017Class XIIPTM and Report Card Distribution
20/06/2017Class VI to XIIFirst Inter House Event
20/06/2017Class II to XIIInternational Yoga Day 2017
20/06/2017Class VIII to XIICV MUN 2017
19/06/2017PP I to Class XIIZumba Classes in School
19/06/2017PP I to Class XIIChettinad – Sarvalokaa Education Invitation
17/06/2017Class XPTM cum report card distribution
17/06/2017Class II to XIIThe Little Theatre
16/06/2017Class VIIRevisiting number system
16/06/2017Class II to VIIIReading Challenge Programme
15/06/2017Class XIISpecial Class
15/06/2017Class XSpecial class on 17th June
15/06/2017Class VIII to XIIIIMUN - Chidambaram Chapter
15/06/2017Class VIII to XIIPrimrose Model United Nations Conference
15/06/2017Class XConfirmation of Entries for Board Exam 2018
15/06/2017Class II to IVPickup and drop for the students
14/06/2017Class IX & XOral Internals
13/06/2017Class VOffering Tamil, Sanskrit & Hindi as the third language option for grade V (2017-18)
13/06/2017Class XIIConfirmation of Entries for Board Exam 2018
13/06/2017Class VI to VIIIGuest Lecture
13/06/2017Class IXPlan for the month of June
Class XIPsychology Notes
12/06/2017Class X & XII (2016-17 Batch)Regarding Transfer Certificate
12/06/2017Class IX & XPlan for the month of June
10/06/2017PP I to Class IImportant Information
08/06/2017Class VI to IX and XIChoice of Creative Expression
07/06/2017Class X (2016-17 Batch)Collection of ICSE Mark Sheet (2016-17)
06/06/2017PP I to Class IRegarding Pooja on Thursday, 8th June
06/06/2017Class IXWelcome Letter
05/06/2017Class VIII to XIIAPLMUN 2017
03/06/2017PP II and Class IWelcome Letter 2017-18
03/06/2017PP IMaterials needed for Art & Craft Sessions
03/06/2017PP IParent Programme 2017-18
03/06/2017Class XIOrientation Day Schedule
03/06/2017ISC 2016-17 StudentsCollection of ISC Mark Sheet (2016-17)
29/05/2017Class II to VIIIWelcome Letter
29/05/2017Class X & XII (2016-17 Batch)Procedure to access ICSE and ISC Results 2017
26/05/2017Class II to IXOrientation Day Schedule
25/05/2017Participating StudentsRegarding Millennium MUN



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