Email Log

Note: This page will be updated every Saturday. Based on the importance of the email it may also be updated more often.

This page lists only the email-circulars sent from the office of Chettinad Hari Shree Vidyalayam ( This list does not include emails by prefects, students, class parents, teachers or others, sent from their personal email ids addressed to a smaller, selected and more specific group of students/parents.

Only the date, recipient and the subject of the emails are listed here for your reference and not the entire body of the email. If you did not receive an email meant for you, please contact a fellow-parent or the Class Parent and avail the information before calling the school office. If you consistently do not receive these emails, please call or visit the school office and check the correctness of your contact information in the school records.

Date SentRecipientSubject
21/06/2018Class XIISociology – Research Guidelines
21/06/2018Class XIIChemistry Worksheet
21/06/2018Class XISpecial class on Mondays
20/06/2018Class XRegarding PTM cum Report Card Distribution
20/06/2018Class IIPick up time for Parent pick up
19/06/2018Class II to XIIVizha Cultural Fest 2018
18/06/2018Class IStudent Data Capture Format – EMIS
18/06/2018Class II to IX & XIThank You, Dear Parents
16/06/2018Class XIIArt Paper IV- Semester 1
16/06/2018Class XRegarding Math Weekend Worksheet
14/06/2018Class II to IX & XIOrientation - Gentle Reminder
14/06/2018Class II to VIIIWhat is your M.A.D story ?
12/06/2018PPI to Class XIIRegarding Private Van Operators
12/06/2018Class XIIAssignment on Continuity and differentiability
11/06/2018Class XI1st Term Fee
11/06/2018Class VIGlobal Citizenship 2018-19
11/06/2018Class VI to VIIIGK BOOK
07/06/2018Class VI to XGentle Reminder - Global Citizenship Choice
06/06/2018Class VIII to XIICHSV MUN 2018 Orientation
06/06/2018PP I to Class XIIImportant Dates for the Month of June 2018
06/06/2018Class XIRegarding Sports Uniform
06/06/2018Class II to XIIGentle Reminder - Sports Uniform
05/06/2018Class II to IX & XIOrientation Schedule – Academic Year 2018-19
05/06/2018PP I, PP II & Class I - New Admission Students OnlyChange Pooja/Orientation Day and Re-opening Day (New PPI, PPII & I Children)
05/06/2018Class II to IX & XIWelcome Letter
04/06/2018PP I, PP II & Class I - New Admission Students OnlyA Gentle Reminder – Orientation Programme (PP I, PP II & Class I - New Admission Students Only)
04/06/2018Class XICreative Expression 2018-19
04/06/2018Class VI to IXGentle Reminder - Creative Expressions for 2018-19
04/06/2018Class X (2017-18 Batch)Collection of ICSE Mark Sheet (2017-18)
02/06/2018Class XIReopening date
02/06/2018Class VI to X & XIIGlobal Citizenship 2018- 2019
30/05/201830/05/2018Welcome Letter
23/05/2018Class III to IXSection shuffling- regarding
18/05/2018Class VI to IXCreative Expression 2018-19
10/05/2018Class VIII to XIICHSV MUN 2018
04/05/2018PP II & Class I New AdmissionsParent Programme 2018-19
03/05/2018Class II to X & XIIRegarding Sports Uniform
03/05/2018Class IIRegarding Sports House
02/05/2018Class XIISemester I timetable
02/05/2018Class VIIIGroup III Elective
26/04/2018PP I to Class IWelcome Letter 2018-19
20/04/2018PP II to Class XIISchool Van Service for the Academic Year 2018-19
20/04/2018Class II to XIIStitching of School Uniform
20/04/2018Class II to XIIDistribution dates of Text Books, Note Books and Uniform



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