Email Log

Note: This page will be updated every Saturday. Based on the importance of the email it may also be updated more often.

This page lists only the email-circulars sent from the office of Chettinad Hari Shree Vidyalayam ( This list does not include emails by prefects, students, class parents, teachers or others, sent from their personal email ids addressed to a smaller, selected and more specific group of students/parents.

Only the date, recipient and the subject of the emails are listed here for your reference and not the entire body of the email. If you did not receive an email meant for you, please contact a fellow-parent or the Class Parent and avail the information before calling the school office. If you consistently do not receive these emails, please call or visit the school office and check the correctness of your contact information in the school records.

Date SentRecipientSubject
21/02/2019Class IXCareer guidance session and Orientation for Class X
21/02/2019Class XIParent Orientation for Class XII
21/02/2019Class XAll the best for the board exams
21/02/2019Class II to VConsolidated Report
21/02/2019Class XFrench sample paper and answer key
20/02/2019Class XInstructions pertaining to ICSE Examination
20/02/2019Class IX & XClass 9 &10 Coordinator
19/02/2019Class IX & XIClarification regarding last working day
19/02/2019Class II to VIIIText Books for 2019-2020
19/02/2019Class IVOffering Tamil, Sanskrit, French & Hindi as the third language option for Grade V (2019-20)
19/02/2019Classes IX & XILast working day 26th April
18/02/2019Participating StudentsThe Hindu STEP Olympiad Results
18/02/2019Class VIIIOutbound Trip
16/02/2019Class II to XIIVARNAJALA – 2019
15/02/2019Class XApplication for Grade XI
15/02/2019Class XIIAll the best for the board exams
13/02/2019Class II to VOpen House – 2nd March, 2019
13/02/2019Class II to IX & XIUTSAV - A Cultural Journey
12/02/2019Class VIIIOutbound Trip to NALS (Coonoor)
11/02/2019PP I to Class ISports Carnival
11/02/2019Class VIBiology -Written assignment for Semester II
09/02/2019Class II to VIIITextbooks for Next Academic Year (2019-20)
08/02/2019Class IX & XISchool reopening date after Semester II Examination
07/02/2019Class IXGeography - Revision Material
06/02/2019Class XPTM cum report card distribution
06/02/2019Class XASISC Question Papers
06/02/2019PP I to Class IMonth End Report-December / January
06/02/2019Class IIField Trip to the Traffic Park
06/02/2019PP I to Class XIIJanuary Newsletter
05/02/2019Class XIIModel Examination Question Papers
04/02/2019Class II to XIIHealth and Fitness Event - Thank you for participating
04/02/2019Class VIIIUpdated Consent Form
02/02/2019Class IXFrench Revision Worksheet
02/02/2019Class IXSolutions and answers to sample paper 1, 2 & 3
01/02/2019PP I to Class IXTransfer certificate requests - regarding
31/01/2019Class XIIInstructions to students belonging to II batch (Physics & Chemistry Practical Examination)
31/01/2019Class XIIISC: Physics and Chemistry Practical Examination
31/01/2019Participating StudentsThe Hindu STEP Olympiad
31/01/2019Class IXWorksheet – Gas Laws
31/01/2019Class XInstructions for candidates pertaining to ICSE Examination
31/01/2019Class XIIInstructions for candidates pertaining to ISC Examination
31/01/2019Class XIStudy holiday on Friday, 1st February
30/01/2019Class VII1st February – Friday - Working
30/01/2019Class XIAttendance a mandate
30/01/2019Class IX NeidhalPractical Test
30/01/2019Class IXSolved book exercise numericals - Laws of motion
29/01/2019Class X & XIIHall Ticket Distribution
29/01/2019Class XIMath Revision Paper
29/01/2019PP I to Class IPTM – Reminder
29/01/2019Class IX2nd February Holiday
29/01/2019Class XIStudy holiday on Saturday, 2nd February, 2019
29/01/2019Class VIOutbound trip to Farm Guru, Chennai
28/01/2019Class VII - Non-participants of the tripSchool Holiday
28/01/2019Class XIIReturn of Pre-board II answer scripts
28/01/2019Class IXSample Papers 2 & 3
28/01/2019Class IXCIVICS PROJECT - Phase 2
26/01/2019Participating StudentsAfter School Quiz Program - 6th February, 2018
26/01/2019Class X & XIISpecial Pooja and Distribution of Hall Tickets
24/01/2019Class XError Correction and revision Schedule
24/01/2019Class XIIPsychology Special Class
24/01/2019Class X70th Republic Day
24/01/2019Class VIIIConfirmation of dates for the Outbound Trip
24/01/2019Class IXInternal Assessment
23/01/2019Class IXSolved book exercise numericals - Motion in One Dimension
23/01/2019Class II to XIIMega Fitness Event
23/01/2019Class II and IIISession with noted story teller Ms. Megha Aggarwa
23/01/2019Class IXPractice Paper for SA2 – Mathematics
23/01/2019Class IXSpecial Class
23/01/2019Class VI to VIII:Registration for the Sarvalokaa Hackathon
23/01/2019Participating StudentsMOP Vaishnav College Photography Exhibition
23/01/2019Class VI & VIIEducational Trip
23/01/2019Class VIIOutbound Trip to Yelagiri
23/01/2019PP I to Class XIIOnline Application for Admission for Class III to XI
22/01/2019Class VI & VIIEducational Trip to GEM Hospital
22/01/2019Class IX NeidhalSpecial Class – Biology
22/01/2019PP I to Class IPongal Celebrations-23/01/19
22/01/2019Class II to IX & XIPongal Day Celebrations - January 23
21/01/2019Class VI to XIIFitness Challenge 2019 - A Project by the GC health and Fitness Team
21/01/2019Class IXPTM cum Report Card Distribution
14/01/2019Class VI to XIIFitness Challenge 2019 - A Project by the GC health and Fitness Team
14/01/2019Participating StudentsLogin Credentials for The Hindu STEP English Olympiad
12/01/2019Class XISample Math Practice Paper
12/01/2019Class XSample Papers in Mathematics
12/01/2019Class VIUpdated Consent Form
12/01/2019Class IX MaruthamSpecial Class
12/01/2019Class VI to VIIIRAPRA Invite
12/01/2019Class IXOnline report card for CA 2
11/01/2019Class VIIIOutbound trip to NALS (Coonoor)
11/01/2019Class XII Commerce & Accounts StudentsAdvancement of meeting time with Ms. Sasikala
11/01/2019Participating StudentsSTEP English Olympiad by The Hindu Group
11/01/2019Participating StudentsExtra support sessions in Mathematics for students
11/01/2019Class IXReporting Date
Date SentRecipientSubject
11/01/2019Participating StudentsECO ACHIEVERS QUIZ
11/01/2019Class XIIPostponement of Mathematics Model Examination
10/01/2019Class VIIOutbound trip to Silent Waters, Yelagiri
10/01/2019Participating studentsImprints Quiz
10/01/2019PP I to Class IWorking day on 09/02/2019
09/01/2019PP I to Class XIIPongal holiday on 14/01/19
09/01/2019Class XPhysics Exam
09/01/2019Class XOnline report card for Pre Board I
08/01/2019Grade IX - Participating StudentsWaste Management Campaign
08/01/2019PP I to Class XIIDecember Newsletter
08/01/2019Class XIIChanges in Model Practical Examination
08/01/2019Class XFrench - Past papers for practice
08/01/2019Class IV to IXQuiz Club
08/01/2019Grade IX - Participating StudentsEducational Trip to ISRO
08/01/2019PPI to Class XIIPongal Holidays
08/01/2019Class VIII Pavazham & MuthuPTM
08/01/2019Class II to VOpen House - 12th of January, 2019
08/01/2019Class XIIReport card distribution for Pre board I and II
08/01/2019Class VIOpen House & Orientation for 1 day field trip
08/01/2019Class VIOutbound trip to Farm Guru, Chennai
08/01/2019Class IXHoliday
08/01/2019Class XIOnline report card for CA2
07/01/2019Classes VIII & IX - Participating StudentsImprints Quiz-IIT (Saarang)
07/01/2019Class X - Art StudentsPre Board I (Art paper III)
07/01/2019Class VII & VIIIOpen House - 12th January
07/01/2019Class XIReport card distribution
05/01/2019Class IX - Participating StudentsT3 - PSBB KK Nagar
05/01/2019Class XAnswer key to the sample papers
04/01/2019Class IEducational Field Trip
04/01/2019Class VI, VII, IX & XI - Participating StudentsMOPA Exhibition Participants
04/01/2019Class IXConsent form - List of students
04/01/2019Class XPre Board 1 answer scripts
04/01/2019Class XIIArt Paper IV (PREBOARD - II)
03/01/2019Class XSubmission of Computer Applications Project
03/01/2019Participating StudentsHackathon Exhibition by participants
03/01/2019Class VI to VIIIBag weight regarding
03/01/2019Class XIIAvailability of ASISC QP for ISC
03/01/2019Participating StudentsValedictory of Sri Parthasarathy Swami Sabha
02/01/2019Class X - Physical Education StudentsPhysical Efficiency Test
02/01/2019Class XIIStudy holiday and model practical examination
31/12/2018PP I to Class XIIHappy New Year
31/12/2018Classes XI and XIILEAP Essay Contest | Saarang | IIT Madras
24/12/2018Class XSubmission of Project for Computer Applications
24/12/2018Class XIISchedule for evaluation of Internals for the ISC Board Examination
24/12/2018Class XIMathematics Practice worksheet
21/12/2018Class XIISubmission of Computer Science Record
21/12/2018Class XIICA II, Answer Scripts
21/12/2018Class XSample Papers
21/12/2018Class II to XIISkill Enrichment Program-Compensating Classes
21/12/2018Class IXMath Assignments 1 & 2
21/12/2018Class II to XIIThank you
19/12/2018Class II to VConsolidated Report
19/12/2018Class XIIRegarding Maths Model Examination
19/12/2018Class II to XIISkill Enrichment Program-Term III
19/12/2018Classes XI & XIIAttendance is compulsory for Sports Day
18/12/2018Class IX - Participating StudentsField Visits - GC Waste Management
18/12/2018PP I to Class XII3rd Term Fee
17/12/2018Class II to XIISports Day E-invite
17/12/2018Class VI to XIIA gentle reminder -International Space Science Essay Competition - 2019 - Kalpana Chawla Memorial Awards - Win Free USA NASA tour!
17/12/2018Class IHalf Working Day on 21st December, 2018
17/12/2018Class XIIAssessment portal for PB1 is ready for access
17/12/2018Participating StudentsStudent Council Meeting
17/12/2018Class VIYoga Demonstration during Annual sports day 20/12/2018
15/12/2018Class XDiscussion of pre board papers
14/12/2018Class XIIAnswer Scripts to be returned on Monday, 17th December
14/12/2018Class VI to IX & XIHackathon an update
14/12/2018Class II to XIIRegular uniform on Wednesday, 19th December
14/12/2018Class II to XIIThanks giving day celebrations
14/12/2018Class VI to XIIBook Issue During Holidays
13/12/2018Class VI to IX & XIHackathon at Hari Shree - January 3 and 4
13/12/2018Class IX - Participating StudentsISRO extra payment regarding
13/12/2018Class II to XIIRegarding Gifts
13/12/2018Class VIIIBiology Assignment for Semester-2
13/12/2018Participating StudentsGlobal Heritage Music Fest
13/12/2018Class XIIReporting time on Friday, 14th December
12/12/2018Class VI to IXFitness Tests as part of Global Citizenship
11/12/2018Class II to IVSports Carnival
11/12/2018Class IXCIVICS PROJECT
11/12/2018PP I to Class IChristmas celebrations and Potluck
10/12/2018Coffee Meet - Non-participantsFirst Coffee Meet
10/12/2018Coffee Meet - ParticipantsThank you
07/12/2018Class VIIIFrench worksheet
07/12/2018Class IXFrench worksheet
07/12/2018Class IXCompiled list of formulas
07/12/2018PP I to Class IPTM and Report card distribution
07/12/2018PP I to Class IMonth End Report-October / November 2018
07/12/2018Class XIIChange in examination subject and timings on 19th December
05/12/2018Class IX - Participating StudentsTravel arrangements for ISRO – regarding
05/12/2018Class XII Art StudentsTimings for Art Examination on Monday, 10th December
05/12/2018Classes V to XIISports Day
05/12/2018Classes VI to VIIIPTM
04/12/2018Class X - Art StudentsPre Board I (Art paper III)
04/12/2018Class IXGeography CA 2 Revision PPT
04/12/2018Class VAnnual Sports Day
04/12/2018Class IX - Participating StudentsWaste Management Field Visit
04/12/2018Class IXFrench Worksheet
04/12/2018Class XPast Papers - French
04/12/2018Classes II to XIIInter-house Sports for CHSV Parent
03/12/2018PP I to Class XIINovember Newsletter
03/12/2018Classes XI and XIIFormat of Proposal
03/12/2018Class XOnline report card for CA2 and SA2
01/12/2018Class XII Economics StudentsSpecimen Question papers for ISC Economics 2019
30/11/2018PP I to Class XII - Registered ParentsCoffee Meet - Thank you for Registration
29/11/2018Class X (Non-participants)Pradharshan
29/11/2018Class X Participating StudentsPradharshan
29/11/2018Class XImportant notes on Topography
28/11/2018Class XIStudy holiday on Saturday, 1st December, 2018
28/11/2018Class XIISaturday,1st December, 2018
28/11/2018Class IXCA 2 Revision Work Sheet
28/11/2018Class IActivity-Observing the sky at night
27/11/2018Class XAnswer Scripts
27/11/2018Class IXStudy Holiday on Saturday
26/11/2018Grade XIIArt Paper IV – Pre Board - I
24/11/2018Class IXISRO Trip
24/11/2018Class XImportant questions on waste management
24/11/2018Class XRevision Papers
24/11/2018Class X DeshSpecial class on Saturday 24.11.18
23/11/2018Grades IX & XI Art StudentsVisit to INKO CENTRE for a live flower demonstration
23/11/2018Classes VI to VIIISaturday Working (24/11/2018)
23/11/2018Class VI to XISaturday Working
23/11/2018Class XIIEnglish Language Examination on Saturday, 24/11/18
22/11/2018Class XWorksheets for Biology
22/11/2018Class VI to XIIInternational Space Science Essay Competition - 2019 - Kalpana Chawla Memorial Awards - Win Free USA NASA tour!
21/11/2018Class X Physical Education StudentsRegarding Physical Education Camp
20/11/2018PP I to Class XIIConsent form - Photographs and videos
20/11/2018Class II to XIIAn initiative towards Cyclone Relief
20/11/2018Classes VI to VIIIHoliday on 21st November, 2018
20/11/2018Class XIIHoliday on 21st November, 2018
20/11/2018Classes IX, X & XIHoliday on 21st November, 2018
20/11/2018PP I to Class VHoliday on 21st November, 2018
20/11/2018Class X Physical Education StudentsPhysical Efficiency Test
16/11/2018Class IXMathematics Assignment
15/11/2018PP I to Class IPTM-Reminder
14/11/2018PP I to Class XIICHSV Coffee Meet
14/11/2018PP I to Class IChildren's Day Celebrations
14/11/2018Class XIOnline report card
14/11/2018Class II to VStory Telling Session
14/11/2018Class XIIOnline report card for CA2 and SA2
13/11/2018Class XIIPTM on 15th Nov, study holiday on 16th Nov, photo session on 19th Nov
13/11/2018Class XIPTM cum report card distribution
13/11/2018Class II to XIIChildren’s Day
13/11/2018Class IXOnline Report Card
13/11/2018Class IXPTM Cum Report Card Distribution
09/11/2018Class VI to VIIICycle Test 3 Schedule
09/11/2018Class IX MaruthamChange in teacher
09/11/2018Class X - Non-participants of the TripSchool Holiday
09/11/2018Class X - Participants of the TripOutbound Trip to Adventure Cove Campsite - Hyderabad
08/11/2018Class IXField Trip to ISRO, Thumba
08/11/2018Class XAnnual Medical Camp – November 13
08/11/2018Class XAnnual class photo
08/11/2018Class II to XIIThanks for your contribution
03/11/2018Participating StudentsStudent Council Meeting
03/11/2018PP I to Class XIIOctober Newsletter
02/11/2018Class II to VIIIOnline Report Card - Login Instructions
01/11/2018Class II to VIIIOnline Report Card
01/11/2018Class VI to XSTEP Olympiad Exam
31/10/2018Class XII Pradharshan
31/10/2018Class II to VIIIOnline Report Cards
31/10/2018Class XIIImportant Points to Remember- in Mathematics (Class XII: Maths Students)
31/10/2018Class IXSaturday Working
31/10/2018Class XIStudent Workshop - Role of Children in Disaster Recovery in Chennai
30/10/2018Class XIMath Special Class
30/10/2018Class II to XIIMake a Difference this Diwali
30/10/2018Class IXSemester 1 Answer Scripts
29/10/2018Class VIII & IXFrench Worksheet
29/10/2018Class XIIMathematics special class
29/10/2018Participating StudentsASISC National Literary Events
27/10/2018PP I to Class XIIMedical Record 2018-19
27/10/2018Classes XI & XIIAnswer Scripts to be returned on Monday, 29th October
26/10/2018PP I & PP IIStudent Data Capture Format – EMIS
25/10/2018Participating StudentsBODHI Seminar
25/10/2018PP I to Class IDeepawali craft work materials
25/10/2018Class VIII, IX and XIIvy League Model United Nations Conference (ILMUNC) – Bengaluru
24/10/2018Class XFrench Worksheet
24/10/2018Class XIIWorking day on Saturday, 27th October
23/10/2018Class IXFrench Worksheet
23/10/2018Class VIHindi III Language
23/10/2018Class II to XIIAnnual Class Photo Session
23/10/2018PP I to Class IAnnual Photo Session
23/10/2018Class II to IX & XISOE Classes
22/10/2018Participating StudentsRegarding Career Assessment
16/10/2018Class XSemester II (Art paper III)
15/10/2018Class XII Chemistry StudentsPhysical Test
15/10/2018Class VIIIHindi III Language
15/10/2018Class XII Economic StudentsProject Work-Economics
10/10/2018Class VIIHindi III Language
10/10/2018Class XNotice and Email Guidelines and Specimens
10/10/2018Class XIIRecord Work for Computer Science
10/10/2018Class XIComputer Science worksheet for Holiday Work
10/10/2018Class XComputer Applications - Record Programs
09/10/2018Class II to XIISkill Enrichment Program-Term II
09/10/2018PP I to Class IMonth End Report-August/September 2018
09/10/2018Participating StudentsBODHI Assessment – Test
09/10/2018Class II to VConsolidated Report
08/10/2018Class IXInternal Assessment – 1
08/10/2018Class XIIExamination and lunch timings on Tuesday, 9th October
08/10/2018Class II to VNavratri Celebrations
06/10/2018Class XPPT on the lesson 'Transport'
06/10/2018PP I to Class IGolu and Navarathri Celebrations
06/10/2018Class VIIAcids and Bases Content
06/10/2018Classes XI & XIICareer Guidance: A Session with delegates from Ashoka University
06/10/2018Class VI to VIIISA-1 Rescheduled Plan for Middle School
06/10/2018Class XIIPractical Examination/ Session schedule as per the weather
04/10/2018PP I to Class XIISeptember Newsletter
04/10/2018Class II to VOpen House on the 6th of October 2018
03/10/2018Class VIII to XII - Registered Students - Bodhi AssessmentOnline Career Assessment
03/10/2018Class XIISchool timings on October 4, 5, 8 and 9
01/10/2018Class X DeshMath Special class on Wednesday
01/10/2018Class XI - Non-participants of the outbound tripSchool Holiday
01/10/2018Class IXSaturday Holiday - 06/10/2018
01/10/2018Participating StudentsDaan Utsav - An update
01/10/2018Class X MadhuvantiMath Special Class on 01/10/2018
28/09/2018PP I to Class IInvite for Navarathri Celebration
28/09/2018Class XIIHoliday on Saturday, 6th October
28/09/2018Class XIExamination timings on Monday, 1st October
28/09/2018Class VIII, IX and XIIvy League Model United Nations Conference (ILMUNC) – Bengaluru
28/09/2018Class VIII, IX and XIIIMUN's Championship Conference- The Republic Day Celebrations
28/09/2018Participating StudentsDaan Utsav in Chennai
27/09/2018Class XPPT on Topographic interpretation
27/09/2018Participating StudentsStudent Council Meeting
26/09/2018Class XIOutbound Trip to Adventure Cove Campsite - Hyderabad
26/09/2018Class XIDocuments for Submission at Hari Shree Vidyalayam
26/09/2018PP I to Class XIIForeign Students Information
25/09/2018Class VIIIFrench Revision Worksheet
24/09/2018Class XOutbound trip to Adventure Cove Camp - Hyderabad
24/09/2018Class XPPT and important questions on the lesson Agro based Industries
21/09/2018Class IIIMath Activity
21/09/2018Class VIIIJourney to the River Sea
21/09/2018Class II to XIISkill Enrichment Program - I Term Activities
20/09/2018Class VII & VIIISupport for Revision for Exams
20/09/2018Class XIIChemistry worksheets
20/09/2018Class XMaps of India
20/09/2018Class XI (Participating Students)Welcome letter and gear list
20/09/2018PP I to Class XIIAdmission open from Vijayadasami
18/09/2018Class XII Sociology StudentsBoard Papers – Sociology
18/09/2018Class VIIILearning material- Flotation
18/09/2018Class VIII to XIICareer assessment and counselling – Reminder for the Payment
18/09/2018Class IXRevision Worksheet
18/09/2018Van StudentsVan Fee - Term 2 Fee Reminder
18/09/2018Class VIII - Participating StudentsVisit to a Government School
17/09/2018Class XI - Participating StudentsCareer Guidance Session from NIFT
17/09/2018Class VI to VIIISummative Examinations for Middle School
17/09/2018PP I to Class XIIChange in Fee Link
14/09/2018Class IXCancellation of Outbound
14/09/2018Class IXEconomic Applications Portions, Revision Material
14/09/2018Class XPPT on the lesson 'Cash crops of India'
Date SentRecipientSubject
14/09/2018Class XIOrientation for Adventure Camp
12/09/2018Class II to VOpen house for Primary
12/09/2018Class VI to VIIIOpen House – September & October
12/09/2018Class XIIChange in class XII, SA2 Time Table
12/09/2018Class XII - Participating StudentsWaste Management Documentary - Global Citizenship
12/09/2018Classes XI & XIICancellation of special class on 14th September
11/09/2018Participating StudentsField trip to Mahabalipuram
10/09/2018Class IXChemistry Worksheet
10/09/2018Classes VI to VIIITransport Service during SA1
07/09/2018Class IXPhysics- Exam point of view
07/09/2018Class IXArt Special Class - Saturday, 8th September
07/09/2018Class II to XIIEnrichment program cancelled on 07.09.2018
07/09/2018Class IX to XIICancelation of today's special class
06/09/2018PP I to Class XII2nd Term Fee
06/09/2018Class IX & XIOutbound trip to Adventure Cove Campsite - Hyderabad
06/09/2018Class IX, XI & XII - Participating StudentsCoastal Clean Up - September 9, 2018
06/09/2018PP I to Class XIIArt Workshop in Rajah Muthiah School
05/09/2018Class VI to VIIIAsset Exam
04/09/2018PP I to Class XIIAugust Newsletter
04/09/2018Class VIII to XII - Who have registered for BodhiCareer assessment and counselling – Reminder for the Payment
04/09/2018Class VI to XIIAfter School Activity – Photography
03/09/2018PP I to Class XIINew security personnel for the school premises
03/09/2018Classes XI & XII - Sociology StudentsNational Study Conference – MCC
03/09/2018Class IV and VSuggested Reading List
03/09/2018Class II and IIISuggested Reading List
01/09/2018Class XEconomic Applications – Study Material
31/08/2018PP I to Class IPTM and Report Card Distribution
31/08/2018Class IXWorksheet
31/08/2018PP I to Class IKrishna Jayanthi Celebrations on 03/09/2018
31/08/2018Class VI to XIIPostponement of Sports Day
30/08/2018Class XExtra Classes
30/08/2018Class XI & XIIKYPY scholarships for students
29/08/2018Class VI to XIISports Day Invitation
29/08/2018Class VI to XIICycle For a Cause - Registration
29/08/2018Classes XI and XII - Science Stream StudentsKYPY scholarships for students
29/08/2018Classes IX and XSpecial classes from 3rd September to 14th September
29/08/2018Classes XI and XIISpecial classes from 3rd September to 14th September (3 pm to 4 pm)
28/08/2018Class II to VOnam Celebrations
28/08/2018Class XI & XII - Participating StudentsConnaissance Event
28/08/2018Class II to XIISkill Enrichment Program
28/08/2018Class II to VRegarding Diary Activity
28/08/2018Class VIYoga Demonstration during Sports Day on 01.09.2018
27/08/2018Class VIII to XIICareer assessment and counselling – Payment
27/08/2018Class VI to XIIAppreciate your overwhelming response
27/08/2018Class I to XIIHalf day working - 29th August 2018
23/08/2018Class XMath Special Class
23/08/2018Class VIIIHistory and Civics Homework
21/08/2018Class VI to VIII - Participating StudentsQuiz – Dakshinchitra
21/08/2018Class II to XIISkill Enrichment Program
21/08/2018Class XIMaths Assignment on Quadratic Equation
21/08/2018Class XWeekend Math Worksheet
21/08/2018Class VI to XHeritage Walk by INTACH- The Theosophical Society
21/08/2018Class IIIField Trip
21/08/2018Class VI to XIISports Heats and Sports Day
20/08/2018PP I to Class IOnam Celebrations in Junior Campus (29/08/2018)
20/08/2018Class XII List of StudentsRetest for students who represented the school in the CISCE Regional Football Tournament
18/08/2018Class VI to XIIStudents initiative towards the floods in Kerala
18/08/2018Participating StudentsReporting time for Investiture ceremony
18/08/2018Class VIPostponement of Cycle Test -2 Exam
18/08/2018Class IXPTM Cum Report Card Distribution
18/08/2018Class II to XIIRegarding Investiture Ceremony
17/08/2018Participating StudentsRehearsal for Investiture Ceremony
17/08/2018Class II to VConsolidated Report
17/08/2018Class VI to IXAsset Exam
17/08/2018Class XIIPostponement of CA2
16/08/2018Class XI & XII Participating StudentsChettinad Vidyashram Culturals
16/08/2018Class VI to IXAsset Exam
16/08/2018Class VI to VIIIProject / Weekend Research
16/08/2018Class XI & XII'Study UK Schools Tour' on Monday 20 August 2018
16/08/2018Class VIII to XIICareer Assessment & Counselling
16/08/2018Class VI to XIIPractise session at Gandhi Nagar ground on 16-08-2018
15/08/2018Class IIIField Trip
15/08/2018Class II Field Trip
15/08/2018Class V and VIInteractive session with the Schools of Equality
14/08/2018PP I to Class IMonth End Report-July 2018
14/08/2018Class XI - Psychology and Sociology StudentsRegarding Guest Lecture
14/08/2018Class VI to XIIAthletic Practice Sessions for Sports Day
14/08/2018Class XPPT
14/08/2018Class VField Trip
14/08/2018Class II to VIIIOpen house – 18th August, 2018
14/08/2018Class VIII to XIIIndependence Day Celebrations
14/08/2018Class XICouncil Registration Details – Confirmation
13/08/2018PP I to Class IReminder - PTM on 18/08/2018
13/08/2018Class XICA1 - PTM cum report card distribution
10/08/2018Class XIMaths Assignment – 2
10/08/2018Participating StudentsCISCE Regional Football Tournament
10/08/2018Class IX and XIOutbound Trips
10/08/2018Class VIII & IX - Participating StudentsScience EXPO 2018 conducted by BVM
10/08/2018Class XOutbound Trip to Munnar – Postponement
09/08/2018Class IIIHome Assignment on Community Helpers – SST
09/08/2018Class IVField Trip
09/08/2018Class XOutbound Trip to Munnar
09/08/2018Class VIII to XIICareer Assessment & Counselling
09/08/2018Class XI and XIISports Day- Rescheduled
07/08/2018Class VI to VIIIAssessment File
07/08/2018Class VI to VIIISports Heats and Sports Day Schedule
07/08/2018Class IX and XSports Day
07/08/2018Class XIOutbound trip to Sandakphu
07/08/2018Class IXOutbound trip to Lonavala
07/08/2018Class VI & VII - NomineesDispersal Time
06/08/2018Class VI & VII - NomineesStudent Council Camp
04/08/2018Class VI & VII - Participating StudentsStudent Council Camp
04/08/2018Class XMineral based industries
04/08/2018Participating StudentsItinerary for participants of ASISC literary competitions
03/08/2018PP I, PP II and Class I Krishna EnvironmentKrishna Environment
03/08/2018Participating StudentsSANMUN
03/08/2018Class VI to VIIISaturday Time table
03/08/2018Participating StudentsRegarding HMUN India 2018!
03/08/2018Class XChange in time of the Orientation
03/08/2018PP I to Class XIIJuly Newsletter
02/08/2018Class VIII to XIIElected nominees of Student Council
01/08/2018PP IMs. Sujatha Jaishankar's Workshop - Songs and Poems
01/08/2018Class XFrench Comprehension Passage
31/07/2018Class II to VDrop everything and read (DEAR)
30/07/2018Class VI & VIIBrain Power Workout
28/07/2018Class II to XIICHSV Book Drive
27/07/2018Class VI to XIIRegarding Elections
27/07/2018Class II to XIISkill Enrichment Program
27/07/2018Class VI to XIIRegarding first Saturday - 04/08/2018
27/07/2018Class XPTM cum Report Card Collection
27/07/2018Class XII Science Stream & Hamsadhwani Physics, Chemistry, Maths StudentsExtra coaching Classes in Physics, Chemistry and Maths
27/07/2018Class X & XIIConfirmation of Entries for Board Exam 2019
26/07/2018Class XGeography Worksheet
26/07/2018Class XIndia Energy Resources PPT
25/07/2018Class VIII to XSOF - TECHFEST IIT Bombay – Innovation Challenge
24/07/2018Class IXInternal Assessment topics for II Language
24/07/2018Class VI to XIIRegarding Elections
23/07/2018Those who have opted for water colour painting and embroideryMaterial -Skill Enrichment Program
23/07/2018Class II to VIIIOpen House Feedback - Key Concerns and Answers
23/07/2018Class XOutbound Trip to Munnar
23/07/2018Class XOrientation for Munnar
23/07/2018Class II to VLearning Report
21/07/2018Class XIIPTM cum report card distribution
21/07/2018Class II to VBrain Power Workout
21/07/2018Class VIRegarding Cycle Test
21/07/2018Class II to VIIIWelcome to the first Open House- 21st July, 2018
20/07/2018Class II to XIIInteraction with Enrichment program Trainers – (OPEN HOUSE)
20/07/2018PP I to Class IReminder – PTM on 21/07/2018
19/07/2018Class II to VIIIOpen house - 21st July, 2018
18/07/2018Class VIII to XThe Vizha 2018
18/07/2018Class VII and VIIIChange in History Teacher
18/07/2018PP I to Class IMonth End Report-June 2018
18/07/2018Class IXMath Revision Worksheet
18/07/2018Class XIISpecial Class
18/07/2018PP I to Class XIIStudent Personal Details 2018-19
18/07/2018Class VIII & IXBrain Power Workout
17/07/2018Participating studentsRegarding Music Quiz Competition
17/07/2018Class IX and XChange in Teacher
17/07/2018Class XICouncil Registration Details – Confirmation
16/07/2018Class II to VIIIOpen house - 21st July, 2018
13/07/2018Participating StudentsASISC Football Tournament (2018-19)
13/07/2018Class VI & VIIBrain Power Workout
13/07/2018Participating StudentsSANVIMUN 2018
13/07/2018Participating StudentsVidya Mandir Culturals
13/07/2018Participating StudentsHMUN - Liability Waiver Form
13/07/2018Class VI to VIIIAssessment Calendars 2018-19
12/07/2018Class VI to VIIIAssessments 2018-19
12/07/2018Class XIIOutbound Trip to Yelagiri
12/07/2018Participating Students - Class XI & XIICMI –Workshop
11/07/2017Class II to XIISkill Enrichment Programs – 2018-19
11/07/2017Class IXCouncil Registration Details – Confirmation
11/07/2017PP I to Class I (Saraswathi Environment)Important Information
11/07/2017Class XIIAbout 13th July and reporting time on 16th July
11/07/2017Class XIIOutbound Trip to Yelagiri
11/07/2017Class II to XHalf day holiday on 18/07/2018
10/07/2018Class XSemester I (Art paper III)
09/07/2018Class II to XSchool Holiday
09/07/2018PP I & PP IIShow & Tell Activity Schedule
09/07/2018Class XI and XIILab / Material Fee
06/07/2018Participating StudentsSishya Culturals
06/07/2018PP I to XIIUpdation of Student Personal Details 2018-19
06/07/2018Class XIIOrientation for Yelagiri
06/07/2018Class VI to VIIIParent Meeting schedule-7th July postponed
05/07/2018Class XI & XIIFirst Saturday Timings
05/07/2018Class VI to XInspire Awards from National Innovation Foundation
04/07/2018Class IX - All Sections & XI - Chemistry StudentsLab coat use
04/07/2018Class XBrief Notes on Elasticity of Demand and Supply (Economic Applications Students Only)
04/07/2018Class II to XIIParent Stalls invited for Vizha
04/07/2018Class VI to VIIICycle Test - 1
04/07/2018PP I to Class IPTM Schedule
04/07/2018Class XIIFull working day on Thursday, July 5
03/07/2018Class IXRegarding First Saturday
03/07/2018Class IXFrench Worksheets
03/07/2018Class XFrench Worksheet- Le Grammaire
03/07/2018Class VII and VIIIRegarding Kognify
03/07/2018PP I to Class XIIJune Newsletter
03/07/2018Class VI to VIIIOlympiads – Regarding
02/07/2018Class XOutbound trip to Munnar
29/06/2018Class VIII, IX & XPRIMMUN 2018 (List of students)
29/06/2018Class II to VMonthly Parent Meetings – Regarding
29/06/2018Class XRevision for Exam
29/06/2018Class XIMaths Assignment
29/06/2018Class VIIRegarding Biology Syllabus
29/06/2018Class XImportant Questions
28/06/2018Class VIIIHindi III Language
27/06/2018Class XRegarding Maps
26/06/2018Participating studentsRegarding Wild Wisdom Quiz
25/06/2018Class I to IXWelcome to Crea-Shakthi Schook of Drama 2018-19
25/06/2018Class XIIOutbound trip to Yelagiri
25/06/2018Class VI to VIIIOverview of topics of covered in the Induction program
23/06/2018Few students of Class XI Vizha Cultural Fest 2018
22/06/2018Class VI & VIIHindi III Language
22/06/2018Class XImportant Questions
21/06/2018Class XIISociology – Research Guidelines
21/06/2018Class XIIChemistry Worksheet
21/06/2018Class XISpecial class on Mondays
20/06/2018Class XRegarding PTM cum Report Card Distribution
20/06/2018Class IIPick up time for Parent pick up
19/06/2018Class II to XIIVizha Cultural Fest 2018
18/06/2018Class IStudent Data Capture Format – EMIS
18/06/2018Class II to IX & XIThank You, Dear Parents
16/06/2018Class XIIArt Paper IV- Semester 1
16/06/2018Class XRegarding Math Weekend Worksheet
14/06/2018Class II to IX & XIOrientation - Gentle Reminder
14/06/2018Class II to VIIIWhat is your M.A.D story ?
12/06/2018PPI to Class XIIRegarding Private Van Operators
12/06/2018Class XIIAssignment on Continuity and differentiability
11/06/2018Class XI1st Term Fee
11/06/2018Class VIGlobal Citizenship 2018-19
11/06/2018Class VI to VIIIGK BOOK
07/06/2018Class VI to XGentle Reminder - Global Citizenship Choice
06/06/2018Class VIII to XIICHSV MUN 2018 Orientation
06/06/2018PP I to Class XIIImportant Dates for the Month of June 2018
06/06/2018Class XIRegarding Sports Uniform
06/06/2018Class II to XIIGentle Reminder - Sports Uniform
05/06/2018Class II to IX & XIOrientation Schedule – Academic Year 2018-19
05/06/2018PP I, PP II & Class I - New Admission Students OnlyChange Pooja/Orientation Day and Re-opening Day (New PPI, PPII & I Children)
05/06/2018Class II to IX & XIWelcome Letter
04/06/2018PP I, PP II & Class I - New Admission Students OnlyA Gentle Reminder – Orientation Programme (PP I, PP II & Class I - New Admission Students Only)
04/06/2018Class XICreative Expression 2018-19
04/06/2018Class VI to IXGentle Reminder - Creative Expressions for 2018-19
04/06/2018Class X (2017-18 Batch)Collection of ICSE Mark Sheet (2017-18)
02/06/2018Class XIReopening date
02/06/2018Class VI to X & XIIGlobal Citizenship 2018- 2019
30/05/201830/05/2018Welcome Letter
23/05/2018Class III to IXSection shuffling- regarding
18/05/2018Class VI to IXCreative Expression 2018-19
10/05/2018Class VIII to XIICHSV MUN 2018
04/05/2018PP II & Class I New AdmissionsParent Programme 2018-19
03/05/2018Class II to X & XIIRegarding Sports Uniform
03/05/2018Class IIRegarding Sports House
02/05/2018Class XIISemester I timetable
02/05/2018Class VIIIGroup III Elective
26/04/2018PP I to Class IWelcome Letter 2018-19
20/04/2018PP II to Class XIISchool Van Service for the Academic Year 2018-19
20/04/2018Class II to XIIStitching of School Uniform
20/04/2018Class II to XIIDistribution dates of Text Books, Note Books and Uniform



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