Email Log

Note: This page will be updated every Saturday. Based on the importance of the email it may also be updated more often.

This page lists only the email-circulars sent from the office of Chettinad Hari Shree Vidyalayam ( This list does not include emails by prefects, students, class parents, teachers or others, sent from their personal email ids addressed to a smaller, selected and more specific group of students/parents.

Only the date, recipient and the subject of the emails are listed here for your reference and not the entire body of the email. If you did not receive an email meant for you, please contact a fellow-parent or the Class Parent and avail the information before calling the school office. If you consistently do not receive these emails, please call or visit the school office and check the correctness of your contact information in the school records.

Date SentRecipientSubject
19/10/2019Class XIPTM on Wednesday, October 23 from 2.30 pm
19/10/2019Class IXPTM on Thursday, 24 October
19/10/2019Class XII - Science StudentsImportant board questions and answers
19/10/2019Class IXOutbound trip to NALS (Vizag)
18/10/2019Class V to XIIInter-House competition
18/10/2019Class XEconomic Applications – Internal Assessment
18/10/2019Class IXEconomic Applications Reference Material
18/10/2019Classes IX to XIIIYPT 2019 India Program
18/10/2019PP IIShow & Tell Activity
18/10/2019PP I & PP IIShow & Tell
18/10/2019Class IXOutbound trip to NALS (Vizag)
18/10/2019Classes X & XIIThings required for drums Muralis session on 19th October
18/10/2019Class X - Participating studentsLodestar - taking steps forward
17/10/2019Class II to VPTM on 16th of November 2019
17/10/2019PP I to Class XIIRequest for Sweet Donation
17/10/2019Class IX & XSaturday Schedule for classes IX and X
17/10/2019Class XI & XIISaturday Schedule for classes XI and XII
17/10/2019PP I to Class IMail id for communication to acharyas/ admin
15/10/2019Class XPhysics special class schedule
15/10/2019Classes VI & VIIRevision
15/10/2019Classes II to VReminder: Annual Class Photo Session
14/10/2019Class XIGC Field Visit on Wednesday
14/10/2019Classes II to XIIInvitation for Crea-Shakthi's OpeRamayana
14/10/2019PP I to Class IAnnual Photo Session
14/10/2019PP I to Class IAnnual Medical Camp
11/10/2019Participating StudentsOctober month quiz activity dates
10/10/2019Class IVisit to the Vegetable & Fruit shop
10/10/2019Class VI & VIISA-1 Timings
10/10/2019Classes VI to VIIIExam Rescheduled
10/10/2019Class XExtra Math Sessions
10/10/2019Class XIIEnglish Literature CA is postponed
10/10/2019Class II to XIIHalf working day
10/10/2019PP1 to Class IHoliday on 11/10/2019
10/10/2019Class VIIIFrench Worksheet
09/10/2019PP I to Class XIISeptember Newsletter
08/10/2019Class XHoliday for students not going on Outbound
08/10/2019Class XPTM on Tuesday, 15th October
08/10/2019Class IXMath Internals
01/10/2019Classes II to XIIMedical Record 2019-20
01/10/2019Class II to VConsolidated Report
30/09/2019Classes VI to XIIRun, Walk, 'Plog' - October 2nd - Marina Beach
30/09/2019PP I to Class XIIChange in reopening time on 8th October
27/09/2019Classes II to XIITerm II Skill Enrichment Activities
27/09/2019Class XOutbound Trip to NALS (Coonoor)
26/09/2019Classes VI to XAwesome Science Workshops @IITM-Research Park on 2nd October, 2019
26/09/2019Classes IX & XIUTSAV session on 27/09/2019
25/09/2019Classes II to VNavaratri Celebration
24/09/2019Class XIICA 3 Portions and Timetable
24/09/2019Classes II to XIIUpdated UTSAV Sessions Schedules
23/09/2019Classes VI to VIII - Participating StudentsRegarding IGKO Olympiad
23/09/2019Class XPhysics Special Class
23/09/2019Class VIIBlock Painting
21/09/2019Classes II to XIIAnnas & Akkas Day Celebrations
21/09/2019Classes II to XIIRegistration for UTSAV Sessions
20/09/2019Classes II to XIIRegistration for UTSAV Sessions
20/09/2019Classes VI to VIIIUTSAV
20/09/2019Class VIITraditional Attire
20/09/2019Class VI to VIIIUTSAV Schedule
20/09/2019PP I to Class IMonth End Report - August-September 2019
19/09/2019Class VIUTSAV
19/09/2019PP I to Class XIIChennai Climate Strike - 22nd September 2019
19/09/2019Class XIISaturday, 21/9/19 is a half working day from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm
19/09/2019Class XSaturday, 21.9.19 is a half working day from 8.30 am to 12.30 pm
19/09/2019Classes VIII & XCoastal Cleanup on 21st September
19/09/2019Class IIICommunity Helpers - GO
19/09/2019Class X - Participating StudentsOrientation
18/09/2019PP I to Class XIIAdmission open from Vijayadasami
17/09/2019Class XII Economics & Business Studies StudentsPupil's Performance Analysis
17/09/2019Participating StudentsASISC Quiz
17/09/2019Class XIICase study - SDG - Affordable and Clean Energy
17/09/2019Classes II to VGolu Celebration from the 23rd of September
17/09/2019Class XIIPTM on Thursday, September 19
17/09/2019Class IIHonesty Shop
16/09/2019Class IIGolu at Hari Shree
16/09/2019Class IX - Economic Applications StudentsEconomic Applications Internal Assessment II
16/09/2019Participating StudentsASISC Art Competition 2019

Date SentRecipientSubject
16/09/2019Participating StudentsASISC Literary Competition 2019
16/09/2019Classes VI to VIII - Participating StudentsKalakshetra Visit on 18/09/2019
13/09/2019Classes VI to XIUniform Alterations
13/09/2019PP I to Class XII2nd Term Fee
13/09/2019PP I to Class IInvite for Navarathri Celebration 2019-20
12/09/2019Classes VII to XIIASISC Regionals Quiz
12/09/2019PP I & PP IIShow & Tell
12/09/2019Class XII - Accounts StudentsAccounts Assignment
12/09/2019Class XII NeelambariThe extra math sessions in the month of September and October
12/09/2019Participating StudentsKids Education Revolution - Class XII
10/09/2019Classes II to VFlowers for pookolam
10/09/2019Classes VI to VIIIStar Ebek reading program report
10/09/2019Class IXGeography Semester 1 revision material
10/09/2019Class XIDocuments for Submission at Hari Shree Vidyalayam
10/09/2019PP I to Class IParents absence for the PTM
10/09/2019Classes VI to VIIIUTSAV
10/09/2019Class ILibrary book issue for class I
09/09/2019PP I to Class XIIChange in Reporting Time on the Reopening Day
09/09/2019Class XIIExtra Math Sessions - Class XII
09/09/2019Class XIRegarding Uniform
09/09/2019Class XIUniforms for Grade XI - Regarding
09/09/2019Class XGeography – PPT
07/09/2019Class XIIUniforms for Grade XII - Regarding
07/09/2019PP I to Class XIIAugust Newsletter
06/09/2019Class IX, X & XIChange in holiday date for Muharram and rescheduling of examination
06/09/2019Class IXChange in examination portion for Physics syllabus
06/09/2019PP I to Class VIII & XIIChange in holiday date for Muharram
06/09/2019Class IX & XIStudy Holiday on Saturday, 7th September
05/09/2019Class XI TakshashilaPhysics Special Class
03/09/2019Class IXAsset Exam
03/09/2019Registered ParentsParenting Matters Workshop
31/08/2019Class VI to VIIIConsolidated Report – August 2019
30/08/2019Class XChange in examination portion for Physics syllabus
30/08/2019Class II to VConsolidated Report
30/08/2019Classes V to XIIFlood Relief – Wayanad
30/08/2019Class XMath Worksheet
30/08/2019Class XIGC Case Study
30/08/2019Classes VIII to XISolve Ninja APP installation and procedure to add class "ID" - Reg
29/08/2019Class IXRevision Worksheet
29/08/2019Class X ShahanaSpecial Class
29/08/2019Participating StudentsNational Word Champion
28/08/2019Class XIUniform Alterations
28/08/2019Class IXGuidelines for Internal Assessment
28/08/2019Class VField Trip - Museum in St. Fort George
28/08/2019PP I to Class I1st Term Report Card
28/08/2019Class IXExtra sessions in Math on Friday
27/08/2019Classes II to VOpen House on Saturday, 7th September
27/08/2019Class XI Maths StudentsRevision question papers for class XI Math
27/08/2019Class VIITie and dye session
27/08/2019Class XRegarding NTSE
26/08/2019Class XI TakshashilaPhysics special class
26/08/2019Class VIIIVinayaka Chaturthi Celebrations
26/08/2019PP I to Class XIIHalf working day on 29/08/19 Thursday
26/08/2019Class XPTM cum report card distribution
26/08/2019Class IPost office visit
22/08/2019Class VIIMath Assignment - Ratio and Proportion
22/08/2019PP I & PP IIShow & Tell
22/08/2019Class VIIIMaths Assignment
21/08/2019Participating StudentsSBOA MUN
21/08/2019Classes IX & XISA 1 Portions and Timetable
21/08/2019Classes VI, VII & IX to XIIVinayaka Chaturthi Celebrations
21/08/2019Class XOutbound trip to NALS (Coonoor)
19/08/2019Class VIIRegarding Uniform
19/08/2019Class IX KurinjiChemistry special class on Tuesday, 20th August
19/08/2019Classes VI to VIIIMadras Week
17/08/2019Classes VIII to XIIParenting Matters Workshop – 07/09/2019
17/08/2019Class IXExtra sessions in Math for class IX
17/08/2019Classes IX and XILecture on ERASED HISTORY OF INDIA
17/08/2019Class IXPTM cum report card distribution
16/08/2019Class XIClasses instead of GC field visit
16/08/2019Classes VI, VIII & IXRegarding Uniform
16/08/2019Classes II to IVReading Program
16/08/2019PP I to Class ISnacks for the child
16/08/2019Classes VI to VIIIScholastic Book Fair
14/08/2019Class IX & XIUTSAV session on 17/8/19
14/08/2019Classes IX to XIIUTSAV 2019 – 2020
14/08/2019Classes IX to XII73rd Independent Day Celebrations
13/08/2019Classes V to VIIIReading Program
13/08/2019VIII PavazhamPTM with Josephine Acharya for class VIII Pavazham
13/08/2019Class XSemester 1 Examination Portions and Timetable
13/08/2019Classes II to XIIIndependence Day - Whole school seed Flag project
08/08/2019Class IIIField Trip - Tholkappia Poonga
08/08/2019PP I & PP IIShow & Tell
08/08/2019Class IIField Trip - Guindy Park
08/08/2019Class XIPTM on Wednesday, 14th August
08/08/2019Classes VII to XI - Participating StudentsRegarding ANCQ Exam
08/08/2019PP I to Class XIITalk by yoga acharya - Nouf Marwaai (Padma Shri Awardee)
07/08/2019Classes VI to VIIIOpen House
07/08/2019Classes VIII to XIAPT
07/08/2019Class XI & XII - Science StreamIAPT
07/08/2019Classes II to XIISchool Holidays
07/08/2019Participating StudentsSAN MUN
07/08/2019Class XIIReport Card
07/08/2019Registered Paid Club MembersSkill Enrichment Program
06/08/2019Class XIIClarification on uniforms for grade XII
06/08/2019Classes II to VTamizh Day Celebrations
05/08/2019PP I to Class IMonth End Report-June to July 2019
05/08/2019Classes II to XIITamizh Day Celebrations
05/08/2019Participating StudentsSIR MUTHA MUN
03/08/2019PP IDispersal
02/08/2019Alumni StudentsAlumni Association
02/08/2019PP I to Class XIIJuly Newsletter
02/08/2019Class VIMaths Assignment
02/08/2019Classes IX to XIINational Word Champion
02/08/2019Participating StudentsHeritage Quiz
02/08/2019Participating StudentsSanskrit Competition
01/08/2019Class XIIGlobal Citizenship Field Visit
01/08/2019Classes II to XIIVehicles entering the campus
31/07/2019Participating StudentsGTA Vidhya Mandir – Culturals
31/07/2019Classes XI & XIICareer Guidance: A session with representatives from Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore
31/07/2019Class VI to VIIIConsolidated Report
30/07/2019Class XICouncil Registration Details – Confirmation
30/07/2019Class XIIChange in Time Table for XII Semester 1
30/07/2019Classes II to XIIHoliday on 8th August
30/07/2019Class V & VIOrientation to personal Health and Hygiene
29/07/2019Classes II to XIIParking cars in front of the gate to deliver lunch bags
29/07/2019Class IX1st Saturday, 3rd August is a holiday
29/07/2019Class IOrientation
26/07/2019Classes II to VOpen House Venues - Saturday 27/07/19
25/07/2019Class IVField Trip - Egmore Museum
25/07/2019Classes VIII & IXLodestar Workshop
25/07/2019Classes X & XIIContinuous Assessment - 2, Answer Scripts
25/07/2019Class XExtra Math Session
25/07/2019Participating StudentsPaid club activities basketball, shuttle and football classes cancelled due to rain
24/07/2019Class II to VConsolidated Report
24/07/2019Classes II to XIIParking vehicles in front of school gate
24/07/2019Classes VI and VIIFormative Assessments
23/07/2019Class IXCA 1 Geography Revision Material
23/07/2019PP IITheme for PP II
22/07/2019Classes IV to IXQUIZ (After school) - Friday Batch
22/07/2019PP ITheme for PP I
19/07/2019Class X - Participating StudentsPsychometric Test – Lodestar
19/07/2019Participating StudentsNo quiz class on Saturday, 20/07/2019
19/07/2019Classes II to VIntroducing Theatre Nisha
18/07/2019Class IV to VIIIRocket Workshop @ IITM-Research Park
18/07/2019Classes II to IXTamizh Day
17/07/2019Class II to XIIStudent Personal Details 2019-20
17/07/2019Participating StudentsInvestiture Ceremony 2019
17/07/2019Class XIIArchitecture Exhibition at IIT Madras
17/07/2019Class IIRoll number of Students
16/07/2019Classes II to VOpen House on the 27th of July 2019
16/07/2019Participating StudentsAPL Global - Inter School Culturals
16/07/2019Class X MadhuvantiExtra Math Session
15/07/2019Class X Desh & ShahanaExtra Math Sessions
12/07/2019Class XIWeekend Assignment – Mathematics
11/07/2019Class IXCouncil Registration Details – Confirmation
11/07/2019Class XIIOutbound Trip to NALS (Coonoor)
11/07/2019Class X - Participating StudentsLodestar Workshop
10/07/2019Class IVUniform distribution
10/07/2019Classes II to XIISkill Enrichment Program 2019-20
10/07/2019Class IIAnnual Day E-invite
10/07/2019Classes III to VReporting Time and Date for Annual Day
10/07/2019Class II to VHoliday on Friday, 12th July, 2019
09/07/2019Class IIIUniform distribution
09/07/2019PP I to Class IPTM on 20th July, 2019
08/07/2019Class IIUniform distribution
08/07/2019Class III to VAnnual Day E-invite
06/07/2019PP II and Class IPick up Time on 19th July, 2019
06/07/2019PP I to Class XIIJune Newsletter
04/07/2019Class XIInternal Assessment for the year 2019-20
04/07/2019Class X & XIIConfirmation of Entries for Board Exam 2020
04/07/2019Class IXInternal Assessment for the year 2019-20
04/07/2019Class VII & VIIIReporting time for Annual Day
04/07/2019Class VI & VIIIHalf Working Day on Friday, 5th July
04/07/2019Class XCA 2 – Revision Material
03/07/2019Class VII & VIIIAnnual Day E-invite
02/07/2019Class VIAnnual Day E-invite
02/07/2019Participating StudentsLodestar Information
02/07/2019PP I to Class XIIInviting students to donate art supplies
01/07/2019Class XIIOrientation for NALS (Coonoor)
01/07/2019Class XI - Participating StudentsSishya Culturals
29/06/2019Class X Physical Education StudentsHealth Education
29/06/2019Classes IX to XIIStudent Council Election 2019
29/06/2019Classes III to VI Drama StudentsRegarding Costumes for Drama
29/06/2019Class XIIMath Weekend assignment for class XII
28/06/2019PP IParent Program - Final Day
28/06/2019Class X to XIIAnnual Day
28/06/2019Class XI TakshashilaChapter 2 - Units and Measurement
27/06/2019Class IXAnnual Day
27/06/2019Classes IX & XIInvitation for Model Parliament
26/06/2019Class IXReporting for Annual Day
26/06/2019Classes VII & VIIIRegarding Kognify
26/06/2019Class IX to XIIAnnual Day E-invite
25/06/2019Classes VI to IX & XICreative Expression 2019-20
24/06/2019Class X - Participating StudentsAnnual Day Costume
24/06/2019Class XI - Psychology StudentsPsychology Notes Chapter – 1
24/06/2019Classes IX to XII - Participating StudentsCostumes for Western Dance
24/06/2019Class XI - Participating StudentsCostume for class XI Classical dance
21/06/2019Participating StudentsCISCE Football Tamil Nadu Regional
21/06/2019Classes VII & VIII - Drama & Western Dance StudentsCostume cost for Students in Drama & Western Dance
21/06/2019Class X & XIIRescheduling of CA2 for CISCE Regional Tournament
21/06/2019Class IX - Participating StudentsAnnual Day Costume
21/06/2019PP I to Class VSchool reopens on 24-06-2019
21/06/2019Class X ShahanaPhysics - House hold circuit
20/06/2019Classes II to VUniform
20/06/2019Class X - Participating StudentsRegarding Annual Day Costume
20/06/2019Class I to XIIRegistrations open for Crea-Shakthi School of Drama 2019-20!
19/06/2019Class XIChemistry - Salt Analysis Procedure
19/06/2019Class XI - Participating StudentsAnnual Day Costumes for Class XI - Western Dance
19/06/2019Class XII - Participating StudentsAnnual Day Costume
19/06/2019Class XI & XII - Participating StudentsRegarding Drama Costumes
19/06/2019Classes VI to XIIInternational Yoga Day 21st June, 2019
18/06/2019PP I to Class VSchool Closed from 19th to 21st June
18/06/2019Class II to VIIIKey points from the Parent Orientation
18/06/2019Class III - Participating StudentsClass III – Annual Day Script and Costume
18/06/2019Class V - Participating StudentsClass 5 - script and costume checklist
18/06/2019Class IV - Participating StudentsClass 4 - Annual Day Script and Costume Checklist
18/06/2019Class VI - Participating StudentsClass 6 – Annual Day Script and Costume Checklist
18/06/2019Classes VII to XIIAnnual Day Timing
18/06/2019Classes II to VIIIKey points from the Parent Orientation
18/06/2019Classes VI to VIIISPICMACAY
18/06/2019Classes II to XIIHeat & PT Periods
17/06/2019Class IXCostume cost for Students in Drama & Western dance
17/06/2019Grade XII - Participating StudentsAnnual day practice after school for grade 12
17/06/2019Grade XI - Participating StudentsAnnual day practice after school for grade 11
17/06/2019Classes IX to XIIAnnual day practice on Saturday, 22nd June
17/06/2019Class XPTM cum report card distribution
17/06/2019Class XIIPTM cum report card distribution
17/06/2019Classes II to VRegarding Uniform
15/06/2019Class IILanguage Option - Grade II
15/06/2019PP I
PP II & Class I (New Admission Students)
Pointers for the academic year
12/06/2019Class IXCostume cost for Students in Drama & Western dance
11/06/2019Classes VI to VIIIParent Orientation
10/06/2019Class IXChange in Parent Orientation timings
06/06/2019Class II to VIIIWelcome Letter
05/06/2019Class XIIOutbound trip to NALS (Coonoor)
03/06/2019Class XI1st Term Fee
03/06/2019PP I, PP II & Class I - New Admission StudentsReminder for the Pooja on 6th June, 2019
03/06/2019Classes IX to XIIChange in snack timing
03/06/2019Classes X & XII5th June, Ramzan Holiday
03/06/2019Class IIDress Code
30/05/2019Class II to XIISchool Uniforms- regarding
29/05/2019Class VI to VIIIParent Orientation
29/05/2019Class XISchool reopening date
29/05/2019Class IXOrientation for Class IX
29/05/2019Class XIOrientation for Class XI
29/05/2019Class II to VParent Orientation program
27/05/2019Class XCollection of ICSE Mark Sheet (2018-19)
27/05/2019Class XIICollection of ISC Transfer Certificate (2018-19)
27/05/2019PP I to Class I
Class VI to VIII
Parent Experience Survey Form 2018-19
14/05/2019Collection of ISC Mark Sheet (2018-19)Class XII 2018-19 Batch
14/05/2019PP II & Class I - New Admission StudentsParent Programme 2019-20
14/05/2019PP II and Class I - Existing StudentsWelcome Letter
08/05/2019PP I to Class XIIICSE and ISC Results
02/05/2019Class IXReopening day for class IX
30/04/2019PP II and Class I - New Admission StudentsWelcome Letter 2019-20
30/04/2019PP IWelcome Letter 2019-20




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