Dhanur Vaibhav

Dhanur Vaibhav is our tradition of celebrating the arts, in time with the exhilarating margazhi season in Chennai. It is about creating opportunities for us to revel in the exuberance of the fine arts, to rejoice in the splendor of our heritage, to capture and recreate the electrifying mood of the kutcheri season.

The pursuit of the performing arts as we know is both demanding and challenging. Be it dance, music or theatre it requires passion, dedication and discipline which explains why artists are held in such high esteem and regard.

Dance and music play an important role in every culture, be it ancient or contemporary. In the vedic culture – theatre, art, architecture, music, dance – any art is a means to understanding Ishwara and our oneness with him. The basis of every art form is bhakthi. Hence, these art forms form an integral part of temple.

In dance for instance, the purpose of alankaaram in the course of which we adorn and embellish ourselves, is to pay tribute to the divinity in us; the sareera, the body, gains the equivalence of a temple; the bhavana & abinaya are expressions of life. The performer in his/her presentation brings an added dimension of understanding life through characters, an understanding of nature and oneself. He seeks the divine and enables the audience to see the divinity in it too. Hence, paving the way for spiritual growth.

Numerous art forms have faded away due to a lack of patronage. The spectator is as important as the performer in sustaining the art. It may not be possible for everyone of us to pursue various art forms but by becoming good rasikas, we contribute to the continuation of the glory of these arts.

The sabah culture is usually associated with elders. We hardly see children at these programs for many reasons. This can be attributed to the duration of the programs, time constraint of parents and children and various other distractions children have. At Hari Shree Vidyalayam we strive to inculcate the importance of the classical arts in our children. School programs such as these are a good start to gain exposure and develop an interest in our heritage. Thus Dhanur Vaibhav.

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