Levels of physical education  

Pre-Foundation & Foundation - Classes 2-5 

This programme provided by the physical education department has a total of 160 minutes per week and contains structured and non structured physical activity. The main focus is on the different forms of fundamental movement skills like running, jumping, skipping, activities involving motor skills etc. These skills are taught through a number of creative sessions of structured play time which is fun and competitive.

Middle School Program – Classes 6-8 

This programme is more structured and is around 120 minutes per week; they have a number of sessions built around fine motor skills like physical speed, explosive jumping, throwing strength, endurance etc. The introduction of physical education as a subject happens in Grade 8, so there is a lot of testing done in regard to their attitude, involvement in a physical activity etc.

High School Physical Activity Program Classes 9-12  

High school students have a total of 80 minutes a week where they use this time to work out their physical, mental and emotional stress and sometimes even to get some aggression out of the way. These sessions are used to help them channel their emotions and deal with situations through major games and fitness oriented work outs. They are also tested at the camp that happens every year for the P Ed students.


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