Creative Expressions

Creative Expressions – Art, Music, Dance and Theatre 

Art, Music, Dance and Theatre are creative expressions of the boundless human spirit and at Hari Shree, students are given the opportunity to learn the nuances and explore art in its various forms. From grade VI upwards, the ‘Creative Expressions’ programme allows the student to choose the desired art form. These classes will happen once a week as a block period and they provide the student with a platform to showcase their learning during the Annual Day celebrations, school assemblies and festivals.

Google forms are sent out at the beginning of the academic year so that students can choose their desired art form. Since there are a limited number of seats available, the allotment is made on a first come first serve basis. We encourage our students to make an informed choice since we cannot accommodate swapping of art forms later in the year.

Students will get to participate in the school Annual Day as per their choice in the Creative Expressions program. Those who opt for visual arts like Art, Painting and Sculpture will be a part of Varnajala, the art exhibition and back stage work as part of the Annual Day. For these students, participating in performing art forms as part of the Annual Day may be subject to availability. And they will also need to stay back in school 2 days a week for practice prior to the Annual Day.

A brief overview regarding the various courses offered as part of CE to facilitate an informed choice in this matter.


Art happens at all levels in school, they are part of the mandatory curriculum from classes 2 to 7. From Class 8 onwards, students have it as an option during their Creative Expressions period and it is also available as an academic elective from class IX.

Art work – Classes 2 to 7

Art work – Classes 8 to 12

Art during Creative Expressions


Music is part of the mandatory curriculum for classes 2 to 5. From class 6 onwards, it is an option as part of Creative Expressions.

Music for classes 2 to 5

Music during Creative Expressions for classes 6 to 12


Dance is mandatory for all students from classes 2 to 5. From class 6 onwards, students can opt for it as part of Creative Expressions

Dance for classes 2 to 5

Dance during Creative Expressions for classes 6 to 12


Over the last 4 years, Crea-Shakthi has developed an inclusive life skills, communication and book appreciation course at Chettinad Harishree Vidyalayam using theatre activities as its core.

Theatre for classes 2 to 5

Theatre during Creative Expressions for classes 6 to 12

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