Conserve My Planet

Conserve My Planet is an environmental awareness programme initiated by Schneider Electric along with SHARP NGO. The programme aims to educate young minds on energy conservation and instil a sense of responsibility in them towards their environment.

Children from classes 5, 6 and 7 were asked to volunteer for the programme which resulted in the formation of a core team consisting of 100 students. The induction programme was held on the 15th of August. The guest speaker, Mr. Joseph Napoleon, Sr. Manager Human Resources, from Schneider Electric presided over the Independence Day function and gave an inspiring speech to the students. The members of the CMP group took a pledge to conserve the planet.

The second session after the orientation programme was held on September 19, 2014

Mr. Debasish Majumder, Director, Engineering Excellence Centre of Schneider Electric Invensys, was the Chief Guest. He addressed the gathering and emphasised on the importance of energy conservation in all walks of life. He then distributed a Green Kit to the students.  Also present were officials from Schneider and Sharp NGO.

The Principal addressed the gathering with an impactful speech reminding students of their commitment towards a “Green Planet Earth”. The students eagerly accepted their role and took a “Green Pledge” to actively work for a sustainable future and to save the earth by conserving energy.

The assembly ended with a photo session of all the 100 green ambassadors with the Chief Guest, Principal and the other dignitaries.


To sustain humanity on our planet, we need to build responsible communities that recognize the importance of conserving energy and the environment.


  • Educate young minds on energy conservation.
  • Make students realise that they can each make a difference to a global issue.
  • Instil a sense of responsibility.
  • Provide energy saving solutions to homes and campuses.
  • Target a larger community through this program.

Power Pledge

I am the future of this world.

It is my duty and pride

to protect planet Earth.

I pledge to protect planet Earth

and the environment.

I will keep my surroundings clean.

I will conserve electricity, fuel and water

in all walks of my life.

I will reduce, reuse and recycle

to conserve energy.

I will utilise energy optimally

and never misuse it.

I pledge to always conserve energy

at home and at campus.

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