Computer Applications Department

Ms. A. Jasmine Nizar – HOD

Jasmine, a Physics graduate from Madras University and Mater of Computer Applications from Kamaraj University, has seven years of experience in teaching ICSE and ISC from TVS Lakshmi School, Madurai.
“It is indeed a pleasure to do what we love to and my profession is a matter of my choice since it was my ambition as a child to become a teacher. My mother happily recalls how as a three year old I had always played as a teacher making my cousins to act as students. The young minds trying to answer the Why? How? Why not? To my amazement takes me by surprise. My students are no vases to be filled but torches to be lighted.”

As every child is unique, she strives to integrate different approaches to cater to the need of each and every child.

“The atmosphere of Hari Shree Vidyalayam, the students in their colorful traditional uniform, the interactive demo class and the warmth with which the staff interacted on the interview day fascinated me to HSV. I shall adapt myself to the school to give my best to foster the love for learning among the students. “Behavior is not taught but caught” I strongly believe this and shall be a good role model to my students in terms of punctuality, discipline and values.”

Ms. Rakhi Kurup

She has done her bachelor’s in physics from Calicut University. She has worked as a science teacher.

“I had volunteered for the English play for classes II last year. This renewed my interest in teaching and being with children. I spend my leisure time reading. I want to instill the love for books in my students.”

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