Composting in School

The grade IX Waste Management team discovered upon a survey that most of our waste can be composted. We ventured to try composting in different ways. One of them is a plastic drum placed near the dining hall. We punctured holes in the drum for the anaerobic respiration of bacteria and also used a remix powder to maintain the nitrogen to carbon ratio. Alternate layers of waste and remix powder have been put in the bin and we will now wait a month for the process to finish.

The rolling bin functions similar to other methods except that every few weeks it is spun, so that the waste at the bottom of the bin gets exposed, thus speeding up the composting process. We repaired the rolling bin from the previous year and regularly added kitchen waste, along with remix powder.

Our kambha is a 3 tier composter made out of clay/terracotta and stacked on top of each other. Here too, organic waste and remix powder (which contains microbes) are placed in alternate layers until all the pots are full. Without the remix powder, the composting process can take up to 120 days whereas with it, it can be done in 30-45 days. The compost will be used as manure for plants.

In addition to this, we have also dug a pit to try out pit composting and have made a wooden box to see if that works.

- Grade IX Waste Management Team


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