Class XII

Class XII – Book List 2017-18
Subject Name of the Book Author Publisher
English Language ISC Total English  for Class –XII P.Pinto/Xavier Pinto Morning Star
Mathematics ISC Mathematics  II For Class XII O P Malhotra/SK Gupta S. Chand
Physics Nootan ISC Physics class XII Kumar  Mittal Nageen Prakashan
ISC Practical Physics for class XII V N Shukla Nageen Prakashan
Chemistry ISC Chemistry vol II For Class XII K L Chugh Kalyani Publications
ISC Practical chemistry for class XII Kalyani Publications
Biology ISC Biology Vol II for Class XII V Singh NageenPrakashan
Nootan ISC Practical Book for Class XII D K Jain Nageen Prakashan
Accountancy Double Entry Book Keeping XII Section A T S Grewal Sultan Chand
Management Accounting T S Grewal Sultan Chand
Commerce ISC Commerce Vol. II For class XII C B Gupta S. Chand & Co.
Economics ISC Economics For class XII D K Sethi/ U Andrews Frank Brothers
Business Studies ISC Business Studies part 2 For Class XII C B Gupta Goyal Brothers
History ISC History for class XII Sachhidananda Banerjee Kalyani Publishers
Modern History
Sociology ISC Sociology for class XII Manjir Ghosh Kalyani Publishers
Computer Science Computer Science with Java Sumita Arora Danpat Rai


Class XII – Note Book List for 2017-18
S.No Types Size Pages Nos Subject  Purpose
1 Normal Ruled Long 100 2 English C.W/H.W
2 Normal Ruled Long 200 6 Maths C.W/H.W
3 Normal Ruled Long 100 1 Maths Test Note
4 Normal Ruled Long 100 3 Physics C.W/H.W
5 Unruled Long 100 1 Physics Observation
6 Physics Record Long 192 1 Physics Record
7 Normal Ruled Long 100 3 Chemistry C.W/H.W
8 Chemistry Record Long 192 1 Chemistry Record
9 Normal Ruled Long 100 2 Biology C.W/H.W
10 Unruled Long 100 1 Observation Biology
11 Biology Record Long 250 1 Biology Record
12 Normal Ruled Long 100 1 Economics C.W/H.W
13 Normal Ruled Long 100 2 Commerce C.W/H.W
14 Accounts Note Long 200 4 Accounts C.W/H.W
15 Normal Ruled Long 100 1 Business Studies C.W/H.W
16 Normal Ruled Long 100 2 History C.W/H.W
17 Normal Ruled Long 100 1 Psychology C.W/H.W
18 Normal Ruled Long 100 2 Sociology C.W/H.W
19 Normal Ruled Long 100 1 Computer C.W/H.W

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