Class X – Equality and Empowerment

Learning Objective - Identifying gender equality and gender inequality. Exploring the role of women all over the world and the big idea of double dividend, learning what equality in race, religion, caste and creed means

Education for Sustainability – February 2017

No classes due to exams

Education for Sustainability – January 2017

No classes due to exams

Education for Sustainability – November 2016

Students wrote about their experience and learning from Pradarshan which was on the theme of cultural sustainability

Education for Sustainability – September 2016

Students heard famous speeches in the world as a preparation for a declamation activity coming up.

Education for Sustainability – August 2016 

Students researched how women fared on ‘equality and empowerment’ 100 years ago and how things have changed over the years. They discussed various pertinent questions on this subject and made reports/articles/interviews etc.

Education for Sustainability – July 2016

Class X did not have SUPW sessions owing to examinations 

Education for Sustainability – June 2016

Students were introduced to facts regarding women’s position in society, covering areas like literacy, political representation, wages, land ownership etc.

Students explored their opinions on issues like female child labour, gender stereotypes, domestic violence, the glass ceiling etc. They watched a TeD talk by Arunachalam Muruganatham and how he single handedly helped thousands of rural women.

Students worked on making a ‘shock value’ poster as propaganda for gender equality.

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