Class VIII – Money Matters

Learning Objective – A starter course in financial literacy which offers students the tools and techniques necessary to understand the economics of things

Education for Sustainability – February 2017 

Students worked on a skit based on the effects of demonetization. Groups were formed to enact different strata of society like bankers, public, illegals, vendors, media, economists and the government. Students presented a skit depicting the impact of demonetization on the group assigned to them. Following which, each group took their issues to the government for a solution.

Education for Sustainability – January 2017 

Students watched videos and researched on demonetization. Following which, they formed groups representing different strata and roles in society. A role play was done to understand how demonetization has impacted society.

Education for Sustainability – November 2016 

Students watched videos on demonetization and what it means. They made paper money for a game which will happen in the next weeks.

Education for Sustainability – October 2016

They watched a video on the environmental cost of development. A discussion followed.

Education for Sustainability – September 2016 

Students welcomed a resource person of their choice, a business man in the chocolate industry. It was a highly interactive session in which the students learnt about business, its methods and challenges.

Education for Sustainability – August 2016

Students continued their skit incorporating elements of financial literacy. The props given to the teams were a cheque book, cash register, classroom budget, credit card and bank opening form.

Education for Sustainability – July 2016 

History of money depicted on charts

The students participated in a group activity that required them to prepare a skit bringing out aspects of financial literacy that they have learnt. The props included a cash register, a cheque, a credit card, a classroom budget and an account opening form. Situations were given to the teams for enacting the skit.

Education for Sustainability – June 2016

Students watched a presentation on the history of money and played a barter game through which terms like profit, loss, coincidence of wants, scarcity etc. was introduced.

They made a chart to depict the timeline of the forms of money used over time.


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