Class VI – Eat Right, Stay Bright

Learning Objective – The importance of eating right for a good life is highlighted through this program

Education for Sustainability – February 2017 

Students explored a range of food packaging options – different materials, shapes, purposes, styles etc. They discussed factors like protection, convenience, image and sustainability.

Education for Sustainability – January 2017 

The children analysed 5 food items and guessed the ingredients in them. Following which, they did a food value chain for the ingredients. They made presentations on the journey of the ingredient from the farm to the consumer and the changes it goes through.

Education for Sustainability – November 2016 

Making a list of favourite junk food, analysing why they are tempting. Coming up with substitutes for the junk favourites.

Students bring healthy versions of their junk favourites and enjoy a healthy party. They discussed the health benefits of the good choices they made.

Watching a video – ‘Obesity in India – Is it a reality?’

Education for Sustainability – October 2016

The previous term focused on food historically (then and now), culturally (different geographically locations) and socially (food wastage). This term will focus on physical, emotional and social issues concerning obesity and malnutrition. An introduction to the topic was given and ground rules established.

Education for Sustainability – September 2016 

Classroom discussions were held on conflicts arising in the world due to beliefs regarding food. It touched upon religious beliefs, geographical locations etc.

Students learnt about food patterns in more than 25 countries through postcards. They are now working on making their own chart on food patterns in a continent of their choice.

Education for Sustainability – August 2016 

Students watched ‘Butter Battle’ by Dr.Suess, the story of how food is so important that it can trigger off great debates and even war.

Education for Sustainability – July 2016

Students of class VI conducted a special assembly for the students of classes II to V. This was part of their campaign against food wastage. Addressing the primary students was the beginning of their campaign. During the assembly, they spoke to the students about refraining from wasting food when innumerable people are facing starvation. They conveyed this message through a small skit, poems, posters and a moving video. Class VI also led the primary in taking a pledge against wastage of food.

Skit to convey the message

Leading the primary in oath taking against food wastage

The little ones followed the Grade VI students in taking the pledge

Posters and Slogans to convey the message

Campaigning against food wastage in the dining hall

Campaigning in the classrooms during lunch break

Education for Sustainability – June 2016

‘Kalyana samayal sadham, kaykarikalum pramadam……’- students sang and moved to this catchy song from yesteryears. It gave the students a chance to see food from a bygone era and compare it with the food items of today

Working on charts to depict the timeline of food over the years

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