Class Rooms

Children of classes II, III and IV are seated on the floor on individual mats with a writing table each. Children from Class V and above are provided individual desks and chairs.

All the class rooms have windows on atleast two walls and the classes are bright and breezy. Every class has about 3 or 4 large pin-up boards and the space on the pin-up boards are divided among all the subjects. Charts and other display material relating to the current topic or lessons taught in class are displayed routinely on the board so that the basic concepts are always kept in sight.

Every class room also has a resource room, about one fifth the size of the class room itself, attached to it. This is a unique feature hard to find else where. Depending on the grade level and ever changing requirements, these rooms are used for various purposes.

Each class room has shelves for footwear kept outside the class near the door. Wearing footwear inside the classrooms are strictly banned. We keep our classrooms as clean as we would keep our own homes. Just like how we try to keep away the dirt and germs on the footwear, outside and away from our kitchen and bedrooms, we try to keep our classrooms clean, which is indeed the temple for our teachers and students.

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