Class IV – Rags to Riches

Learning Objective – Learning the importance of ‘upcyling’ old and used things through creative projects.

Education for Sustainability – February 2017

Using old cardboard boxes to make an owl or two!

Playing a game of ‘Simon Says’ to recall the nature keywords learnt during the ‘Rags to Riches’ SUPW sessions during the year.

After playing the Simon Says game, children recollect all the key words and make a list.

‘Trash Can Run’ game – children formed teams and picked up paper balls and put them in the trash. The importance of putting trash in bins and spreading this message was reiterated.

Education for Sustainability – January 2017

Decomposition activity was continued. The students went and dug up their pits after 1 month, they saw that the natural items like fruit peels and leaves had disappeared while the plastic was still there.

A presentation on the process of decomposition was prepared and the students learnt more details about it.

Students used old cardboard boxes and made an owl with it. They were assisted by the teachers of the Art department.

Education for Sustainability – November 2016

Students did an activity to understand the concept of decomposition and also the rate of decomposition of various items.

They dug holes and buried items like banana peels, plastic covers, leaves etc. After one month, they will check the status of the buried items.

Water walk – an activity to get an idea of how it feels to walk for a long time when you are thirsty. Students were made aware of the water scarcity in various parts of the world.

Education for Sustainability – October 2016

  1. Lunch box Analysis – Students discussed on the material used to make their lunch boxes and the ecological merits and demerits of the materials.
  2. Conserving our water sources – lets spread the message through a song.
    There’s water all around us
    In Oceans, lakes and streams
    We want it to be healthy,
    So let’s help keep it clean
    Water all around us –
    It helps us grow and live
    If we all try not to waste it
    We’ll have some left to give

Education for Sustainability – September 2016 

Making greeting cards for a loved one using recycled paper

Finger puppets brought alive the message of recycling in a kingdom of kings and queens. Their learning on the topic was conveyed in a fun manner.

Education for Sustainability – August 2016 

Children made innovative things with old bottles and cardboard boxes

Working with rapt attention on old plastic bottles, CD’s were also ‘upcycled’

Education for Sustainability – July 2016 

Making pinwheels – inspired by the story of William, the boy who made a windmill out of scrap.

It’s so much fun, getting the pinwheels to turn

School courtyard decorated with class IV pinwheels

A session on waste segregation

Trying their hand at segregating waste

Explaining the repercussions of using plastic

Education for Sustainability – June 2016

Students watched the inspiring story of William who built a windmill with scrap and as a result brought his family out of poverty.

Students making a creative display based on William’s story

Fun time… making Pinwheels out of paper

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