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August 19 and 20, 2017

The CHSV Model United Nations was organized in school with purposeful and enthusiastic diplomats from many schools in Chennai, debating on diverse world issues.

Report by Ms.Hareni Elango of the MUN World Press Team:

The room was abuzz with excitement and delegates were in whispered conversations. The auditorium was packed with enthusiastic diplomats who were itching to get the conference started. The Director General, Neha Prabhu and the Secretary General, Tejas Gopalan declared the conference open. Following the introduction of the executive board members, the delegates broke into their committees to begin two days of constructive debate about world issue. The delegates looked forward to the real life simulation of the Press Conference on the second day of the MUN with anticipation and excitement. They answered the carefully formulated questions with unwavering tenacity and perseverance. Simultaneously every committee was engaged in discussions ranging from political assassinations to the desperate situation of laborers. After eight hours of intense negotiation and gratifying debates, came the award ceremony. The CHSVMUN was one of a kind, right from its live streaming to its social night, planned and executed with utmost care each step of the way. It was an absolutely delightful experience for all the delegates who had been a part of this year’s CHSVMUN.

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