CHSV Junior Sports Carnival

August 15-17, 2014

The year 2014 brought a different energy into the CHSV Junior Sports Carnival. The Carnival took place from Aug 15th to 17th with beautiful sunny weather and bright skies at the CHSV outdoor football and basketball courts. It was wonderful to see the enthusiastic participation of children from grades II to V in all the events organized by the Physical Education department.

Our most enthusiastic age group was the 4th grade where all the boys and girls showed great competitiveness and sportsmanship. Each grade had 5 events to go through and each event was challenging in its own way. They enjoyed challenges like throwing for accuracy, hurdling hurdles, running, speed, agility, balance etc. These challenging events taught them team spirit, competitiveness and controlled aggression. They also learnt to encourage their team mates as they watched. The kids said that it was their favourite day of the year where they got to spend an entire day just doing what they loved best.

Special thanks to all the Acharyas who helped out and to the Physical Education Department who made it all happen.


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